Utilizing their huge expertise in high complexity laboratory tests, ACS developed proprietary testing methodologies which created enhanced detection skill and improved accuracy. They firmly consider that with out requirements, compliance measures and correct strategies, hashish and hemp testing would pose quite a few threats to the general public client or affected person.

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AUTHOR: Heather Allman



An Interview with ACS President, Roger Brown 


ACS Laboratory President, Roger Brown



Here’s a video about ACS Laboratory USDA compliant exams, and a hyperlink to the ACS blog with up-to-date info on hashish science and lab testing for each the hemp and hashish industries.


ACS Laboratory prides itself on offering stellar customer support, exceeding trade requirements, extremely reproducible high quality ends in a regulated atmosphere.

ACS Laboratory is the main supplier of Cannabis and HEMP/CBD laboratory testing providers in Florida.  Founded in 2008, the ISO17025, AHCA and CLIA Accredited Laboratory can be DEA licensed and makes use of state-of-the-art ultra-high efficiency liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (UPLC/MSMS, GC/MS and ICP/MS) expertise.


ACS Laboratory


Utilizing their huge expertise in high complexity laboratory tests, ACS developed proprietary testing methodologies which created enhanced detection skill and improved accuracy. They firmly consider that with out requirements, compliance measures and correct strategies, hashish and hemp testing would pose quite a few threats to the general public client or affected person.


January 16, 2020: ACS Laboratory Achieves Top 5% in the U.S. for Cannabis/Hemp Testing in 2019

—March 23, 2020: ACS Laboratory deemed Essential Service Provider

June 22, 2020: ACS Acquires Botanica Testing

—June 26, 2020: Florida Department of Health-Approved 

As COVID-19 ramped up in Spring, a ray of sunshine appeared within the hashish trade. On March 23, 2020, the offical announcement that ACS Laboratory was deemed an Essential Service Provider was launched. 

A hearth has now ignited and revealed the modern way forward for hashish lab testing. After a few months working as a vital service in Florida, on June 22, 2020, ACS Acquired Botanica Testing. Quality seeks high quality, in any case, in line with my current interview with Roger Brown, President of ACS Laboratory.


Botanica Testing, primarily based in Florida



On June 30, 2020, I spoke with Roger and targeted my dialogue on the strategic Acquisition of Botanica Testing by ACS Laboratory, as introduced by Hemp Grower on June 22, 2020. This acquisition expands the multi-state attain of ACS within the hemp and CBD market, as they provide an intensive vary of high quality, reproducible testing choices at a value worth to their purchasers because of the quantity of testing they carry out.  

CLR: How did this acquisition come about? Please increase on the acquisition of Botanica Testing and clarify your position in Florida’s medical hashish program?

RB: “As they say, quality seeks quality. We’ve been friends with the owners of Botanica Testing and they already had a strong reputation in the hemp testing sphere for quality testing, but their hemp testing was hit hard by COVID-19, just like the hemp market itself. One day, I casually saidLet me buy your company,’ and the answer from Botanica was: ‘Sure. No problem.’ And here we are.” 

With that easy but highly effective reply, one of many largest and most modern testing shifts within the hashish market occurred on June 22, 2020 with the announcement that ACS Laboratory Acquires Botanica Testing.

As a DEA and AHCA-licensed hashish testing facility, this transfer fortified ACS Laboratory’s place as the most important supplier of intensive, thorough, reproducible hashish testing. Botanica Testing aligns with ACS’s prime quality requirements and ongoing U.S. growth plans.

CLR: Explain the time period “reproducible” because it applies to testing?

RB: “When it comes to any type of lab testing, the words ‘different results’ are a misnomer. Reproducibility in the lab testing, often referred to as ‘consistency’ in the Cannabis space, is absolutely achievable. Each lab test result must be able to be successfully reproduced, at high volumes and with accurate results.” 

CLR: With the acquisition, ACS Laboratory additionally added Botanica’s portfolio of 500 purchasers and status for high quality. Why select ACS?

RB: “Botanica chose ACS as a suitor because they felt the quality of work we perform exceeded any other competitors and they wanted a good home for their existing clients. We are proud to welcome these new clients into the family with our award-winning testing services. We called every client and were able to show the value of our quality at a much lower cost because of the high volume of testing we perform. Most of our clients switched their testing over right away when they saw value in quality provided and money saved in testing costs. 

CLR: How many of your clients are in Florida?

RB: “About 50% of our clients.”

CLR: What “quality of work” did Botanica excel at that ACS wished to be part of?

RB: “Botanica Testing Inc. has a reputation for impeccable quality in hemp testing, mainly, which aligns with ACS’s standards and ongoing expansion throughout Florida and the United States. In its search for a trusted buyer, Botanica sought ACS Laboratory to provide their clients with the level of service and quality they deserve. The Botanica agreement is the first step in a larger ACS journey to acquire reputable companies across the United States and have the largest footprint of any cannabis and hemp testing laboratory, bar none. Right now, only California has a larger testing facility, but they had quite a head start.”


Inside ACS Laboratory State-of-the-Art Facility


CLR: In your 17,500 sq. foot state-of-the-art facility exterior of Tampa right here in Florida —the most important in bodily dimension exterior of California— what actual measures do you make the most of to check hashish? 

RB: We test for potency in Biomass, Flower, Trim, Extracts, Crude Oil, Isolates, Distillates, Edibles, Manufactured and Complex products like Patches, Aerosols and Nano Water. 

As a rule, ACS tests for 17 different cannabinoids, terpenes, residual solvents, pesticides, moisture, water activity microbiology including mold, mildew, e.coli, pathogens, mycotoxins, plant regulators, heavy metals, flavonoids, micronutrients, PAH, and even bioanalysis for pharmacokinetics (PK) study of THC (human trials).”

Shortly after the Botanica acquisition, on June 26, 2020, South Florida CityBizList reported the thrilling information that Florida Department of Health Announces ACS is One of Only Two Testing Labs Approved by Florida DOH:

ACS Laboratory, the top-ranking laboratory for precision testing and recipient of the most Emerald Test™ Badges in the country for cannabis testing facilities, today announced the Florida Department of Health Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) approved and certified its laboratory to test final product for medical marijuana treatment centers (MMTCs)

This in-depth certification process proves ACS Laboratory will raise the bar in testing to ensure cannabis patients receive safe, quality products. As such, ACS Laboratory can expand on its mission to serve the industry and be The Most Trusted Cannabis and Hemp Laboratory in the USA™” (LINKED IN)

The key takeaway right here regarding ACS Laboratory earlier than we transfer on? 

There has been a sluggish shift to higher high quality, identically reproducible hashish testing all through the trade, however evidently after ACS Laboratory rolled Botanica Testing into their present lab operations, this motion in the direction of final high quality hashish testing absolutely ignited, and the acquisition was seen. 

DOWNLOAD: 23-Page Florida Department of Health PDF Document right here to learn the stringent “Requirements for Certified Marijuana Testing Laboratories servicing in MMTC’s in Florida” that ACS Laboratory efficiently achieved to be awarded this specialised CMTL license.


State of Florida Department of Health


Most notably, the acquisition of Botanica and ensuing elevated worth of ACS Laboratory was instantly seen by the State of Florida. They have just lately introduced that each one MMTCs have till December of this 12 months to unload any hashish merchandise examined earlier than June 24, 2020. This is a brand new rule that went into impact mere days after ACS Laboratory acquired Botanica Testing.

Coincidence? A random date alternative on the market of hashish merchandise examined earlier than June 24?

I feel not. In my opinion, with the acquisition of ACS Laboratory, the State of Florida has determined to shift gears and lift the hashish testing bar to new heights. 


Emerald Scientific Proficiency Testing


ACS Laboratory began this 12 months out with a bang. On January 16, 2020, ACS Laboratory Achieves Top 5% in the U.S. for Cannabis/Hemp Testing in 2019, receiving 21 Emerald Test Badges “for excellence in hemp and cannabis quality testing in 2019; ACS has garnered more recognition for quality, accuracy, consistency and proficiency in testing than any other laboratory in the Southeastern United States.”

The Emerald Test™ is an Inter-Laboratory Comparison and Proficiency Test (ILC/PT) program for hashish testing amenities. It brings to the hashish/hemp trade a well-established normal for testing discovered within the environmental, meals, pharmaceutical, water, and petrochemical testing industries.

Through the participation of labs around the globe, the ILC/PT helps set up an trade benchmark for hashish/hemp compliance testing and ensures the tip client receives a protected, non-toxic product via third occasion unbiased laboratory compliance testing is significant to any working hashish/hemp enterprise.

CLR: Your ACS laboratory was just lately awarded essentially the most Emerald Test Badges within the nation for hashish testing amenities. Tell me a bit of in regards to the 21 Emerald Test Badges and what they characterize.

RB: “Every testing lab has some sort of inner-lab proficiency test using known testing standards and protocols. The Emerald Badges are inter-laboratory awards given twice a year for quality and reproducibility of testing. The Emerald Test holds you to the highest standards available in cannabis lab testing, rather than the highest standards  traditionally expected.”

Emerald Test Badges Example


CLR: How will your experiences and your acquisition of Botanica allow you to to keep up ACS Lab’s Top 5% high quality and consistency standing right here in Florida?  

RB: “Our current goal is not to be in the top 5% next time, but rather to be at the top, number one in quality, reproducible testing. In the Cannabis space, they call it ‘consistency.’ However, in the lab and testing space, we call this ‘reproducibility.’ There should be no variance in the results from one brand’s lab tests to the next. We have proven time and again that quality and reproducibility are achievable in the cannabis space.”


ACS Receives 21 Emerald Test Badges for 2019


CLR: Mainly, there are two distinct sorts of hemp/hashish: compassionate or patient-centric and capitalistic or profit-centric. How do you reconcile the 2 in an effort to preserve a steadiness?

RB: “We strive to be quality-centric, to have a quality-centric balance in everything we do.

CLR: With your new acquisition of Botanica, what mark do you strive to make in the Florida and national Cannabis space?

RB: Quality, reproducible lab testing being the norm and not the exception in the long term, but ultimately, the focus of ACS Laboratory is to continue to support and enhance the ability for cannabis companies and brands to deliver clean, safe products. And to do so in a manner that promotes positive standards throughout the industry.”

CLR: What are the highest three core values at ACS and the way does Botanica align with the ACS Laboratory mission? 

RB: “Quality, Value, and Reproducibility, meaning reliability of exact testing with exact results on every single test we perform. We offer the highest, most reliable, accurate quality testing using our own SOPs and protocols and offering the best cost value available.”  


2019 Vape Crisis



CLR: Tell me a bit of bit about your 2019 Vape Crisis response and why particularly did ACS Laboratory take motion on this means?

RB: Our expert scientific team was able to react quickly to the recent wave of “vape-related illnesses” and developed the primary of its sort Vitamin E Acetate panel to make sure merchandise are ‘VAPE SAFE.’ ACS Laboratory additionally created a proprietary take a look at for Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), a category of carcinogenic chemical compounds generally present in extracts.

ACS Laboratory has at all times been on the slicing fringe of expertise. When there are points that come up within the market, we’re fast to plot an answer. When the vape disaster occurred we created a testing resolution that was overwhelmingly utilized by growers and producers to make sure their product was protected. Even those who thought their merchandise have been protected had them examined to certify that they have been certainly protected and supplied these outcomes via transparency to shoppers.”

2020 COVID-19 Coronavirus Crisis


CLR: During the present COVID-19 disaster, you’ve been deemed important service. What accountability comes with that? What position are you taking part in throughout this pandemic?

RB: “ACS Laboratory takes the responsibility seriously to provide accurate and consistent results. As an essential service we continued to provide the level of customer service necessary for our clients. Because we are a medical grade facility, we practice all safety methods on a daily basis before and after COVID-19.”

CLR: Why is testing extra essential proper now than ever?

RB: “Just like COVID-19, underlying issues could cause the virus to have exponentially negative results. Contaminants in cannabis can have the same exponential negative effect. It is more important than ever to have the products tested and certified safe.”

CLR: In the June 2020 edition of Cannabis Business Times, 34% of respondent shoppers have been utilizing extra hashish because the COVID-19  disaster started. With the COVID-19 pandemic creating demand for various supply strategies, has this want for testing of PAH elevated?

RB: “PAH testing is not required by any governmental authority but in fact is being implemented by growers and manufacturers to go beyond the levels of modern-day compliance and demonstrate to consumers and patients that their products are exceptionally safe. ACS Laboratory has several clients that perform testing beyond the scope of regulatory compliance to ensure they have the best products available to the public.”

CLR: Give me one instance of a future ACS aim to indicate management within the fledgling US and Florida hashish.

RB: Well, we were finally issued our Florida Department of Health license as a quality, accurate, reliable cannabis testing lab. This is a different kind of cannabis license, very specific. This is a milestone for us because they were one-year late in issuing the license, but we were one of only two labs in the State of Florida to receive this license. But what it all boils down to is trust, who you trust — and trust truly is the most important factor.

When you go to the grocery store and pick up a can of Campbell’s Soup, no one picks up a can of Campbell’s Soup and says ‘No, I really don’t believe what that says on the label’ and questions the amount of sodium in the soup or how many carbohydrates the soup has in it. Nobody really does that because they trust the brand. And that is where cannabis is moving, into that space where people have to trust brands and know that the brands themselves use a quality lab to do their testing and that their label claims are correct because there is accuracy and transparency. 

It really all just comes down to trust, built over a period of time, and the consumer is going to get there. It [Cannabis] is going to get there, because the consumer in this space is a very educated consumer and they like transparency. And transparency in this space is so, so important. Quality testing, accurate labeling, they want to know that brand’s landing is correct. Letting them see the lab results. Letting them see the label claims. Letting them see everything is very educational for the consumer, because they’re very educated about what it is that they’re consuming.

With every one of our lab reports, we generate a QR code. And we encourage our clients to place that QR code prominently on their product packaging, and the consumer can just scan that code and pull the matching test results right up out of our server, so we are completely transparent to the consumer. And that translates into tremendous volume as far as level of trust, where they can see the complete transparency of the product they are purchasing.”

Sample QR Code Linked to Lab Test Results


CLR:  As an perception to readers, do you do client testing?

RB: “ACS is only allowed to consumer potency testing hemp based products. They are prohibited from accepting marijuana samples from any party other than a licensed grower or law enforcement.”

CLR: Any parting phrases of knowledge or recommendation do you wish to provide to different people and firms within the Florida hashish and hemp area?

RB: “In the quality and trust space, there is no shortcut. You really just have to always take the high road and do things the right way. And if you do things the right way, then everything comes to you because you are the best, you’re the gold standard. Because there are no shortcuts.”


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