For years, folks have talked about rising marijuana efficiency. The concept that pot is getting stronger—a lot stronger than the stuff that acquired handed round at Woodstock, as an example—is handled like standard knowledge today. Maybe it shouldn’t be.

What has modified in the final 40 years?

The prevailing perception is that ‘old school’ marijuana was seldom as potent as at present’s strains. Back in the 1970s, most weed apparently had THC content material in the single digits. The suggestion is that a number of hashish strains contained little greater than 4-5%. Today, it’s regular for a marijuana pressure to have over 25% THC.

In the 1970s, the majority of hashish was imported illegally to the US from outdoors nations, primarily Columbia. Cannabis efficiency is affected by oxidation. Imports from outdoors of the nation might take months to reach, and through transport it was uncovered to excessive temperatures, thus decreasing the buds efficiency. The journey between farm and shopper was lots longer, so the marijuana was older inflicting the THC ranges to lower over time.

Up till the late 1970s, in case you had been smoking pot, you had been doubtless smoking what was sometimes called “sativa.” Referred to as landraces, these strains often carry the identify of the place they had been developed: Thai, Durban Poison, Acapulco Gold, and so on. Whereas sativa landrace strains moved throughout the globe, indica landraces had been remoted in the arid, mountainous areas round Afghanistan and Pakistan. These strains additionally carry the names of locations they had been developed: Afghani, Hindu Kush, and so on.

It wasn’t till the late ‘70s that people decided to intentionally breed these two kinds of cannabis together. Eventually, breeders were able to produce offspring that consistently carried the desired characteristics from each type, and perhaps even more importantly, avoid unwanted characteristics that could weaken the plant’s well being and manufacturing.

These hybrids have now taken over the hashish market, and this, my ‘60s cannabis smoking friends, is the big difference between what you smoked then and what you smoke now: Today, you are smoking a hybrid of cannabis as opposed to a pure landrace strain.

Those strains from the ‘60s are not grown on a large scale today, but there are a few that carry a big enough following to keep them available in our current market. These are commonly referred to as “heirloom” strains, and they are produced in small batches and carry genetics of the landrace, but lack the original terroir.

Here are a few heirloom strains you can find in your local shop to hold you over.

Acapulco Gold


Cheech and Chong first made this strain counterculture-famous with their jingle from their 1978 classic movie, Up in Smoke: “No stems, no seeds that you don’t want Acapulco Gold is badass weed!” This landrace is called for its area of origin, Acapulco, Mexico. Although it was doubtless much less potent in the 70s, at present this pressure is understood to achieve THC ranges of 20% or higher.

Durban Poison

Hailing from the port metropolis of Durban in South Africa, Durban Poison is an energizing pressure finest recognized for its distinctive odor, style, and bud construction. It provides a bouquet of anise, earthy spiciness, and sweetness. Nothing else in the hashish world is prefer it.

Unlike different narrow-leaf strains, this plant produces flowers that are spherical and fluffy versus lengthy and wispy. It’s like a spherical cheese puff … that tastes like a black jelly bean.


Afghani is a broad-leafed pressure with dense buds that produces heavy resin good for hash manufacturing. This pressure advanced in an arid local weather, subsequently its buds are inclined to mildew whether it is grown in climates with excessive humidity.

Its candy and earthy odor interprets to a dank sedation cherished by these trying to calm down.

Skunk #1


Named after its pungent aroma, Skunk lineage is tough to disclaim. Popular since the late 70s, this pressure can be generally used to create a lot of the favourite strains present in the authorized hashish market. Although indica-leaning, Skunk #1 is understood for its balanced results. Not a present stopper for THC manufacturing, the pressure sometimes tops out under 20% THC. As a mix of Afghani, Colombian Gold and Acapulco Gold, this pressure is virtually royalty.

Mazar I Sharif

While this pressure is sometimes called a landrace, breeders cross this pressure with Skunk #1 for stability. Named for the fourth largest metropolis in Afghanistan, and thought to have lineage stemming from the aforementioned Afghani pressure, this potent indica often produces THC content material above 20 p.c. Because this pressure sometimes produces excessive quantities of resin, it’s generally used for making hash, which was a preferred methodology of consumption in the 70s.

Sour Diesel

This strong sativa-dominant hybrid (90%) was #three in a High Times checklist of biggest marijuana strains of all time. It can have as much as 26% THC with 4% CBN and a couple of% CBD. There is a dispute over its precise origins. Some say it’s a cross between 91 Chemdawg and Mass Super Skunk. Others consider it’s a cross between a Chemdawg phenotype and a Mexican Sativa.

Although it comprises some indica, Sour Diesel isn’t for insomniacs! It offers you with arguably one in all the finest energetic, intoxicating highs on earth. Sour Diesel is certainly the pressure for ‘good times,’ and also you don’t have to fret about sofa lock.

Once you begin smoking Sour Diesel, you’ll be bowled over by how tasty it’s. However, you gained’t have time to dwell on it an excessive amount of. The euphoria comes quickly after, accompanied by power and an uplifted temper. Sour Diesel additionally rewards customers with one in all the longest highs, as much as 5 hours.

Maui Wowie


As a traditional sativa landrace, this pressure gained its fame all through the 60s and 70s. Earning the nomenclature from its origins, Maui Wowie first got here from Hawaii which is obvious from its luscious, tropical aromas and flavors. Averaging round 13 p.c THC, this was a potent pressure for this period. Many fashionable dispensaries carry this as a flippantly euphoric and mildly energetic pressure.

Original Haze

Also generally known as Nevil’s Haze, Original Haze has a storied historical past. It was a creation of the Haze Brothers of California. Then, Sam the Skunkman (Dave Watson) introduced it to Amsterdam in the 1980s. The incomparable Nevil, one in all the kings of breeding, backcrossed and stabilized Original Haze.

In the fashionable period, this pure sativa marijuana pressure comprises between 10% and 20% THC. It is a potent but well-balanced choice. It has a optimistic status for its candy and spicy haze taste with the merest trace of citrus. Original Haze provides a slow-building excessive, which you must initially really feel behind the eyes.

Soon sufficient, the drive of the pressure hits you laborious and quick. In some instances, it provides a psychedelic expertise. Although it’s a cerebral and energizing pressure, we don’t advocate utilizing it to deal with paranoia or nervousness. It is finest to make use of Original Haze for migraines or persistent ache.

Lamb’s Bread

Said to be Bob Marley’s pressure of alternative, Lamb’s Bread is a landrace from the island of Jamaica. Also generally known as Lamb’s Breath, this pressure is nice for inventive endeavors and introspection, because it offers an uplifting feeling and a way of intense readability.

Like many landrace strains, it provides a style and odor that separates it from the relaxation.

Northern Lights


This pressure was a Cannabis Cup winner in Amsterdam nearly 30 years in the past and stays an all-time traditional. Today, you’ll find Northern Lights #5 strains with a THC content material of effectively over 20% together with small quantities of CBN and CBD.

It is a potent indica dominant pressure (95%) and continues to be one in all the most cherished marijuana strains in the world. Be warned; Northern Lights #5 isn’t for informal customers. We advocate increase a tolerance earlier than taking over this behemoth.

Otherwise, this candy and tangy sensation will overwhelm you. It can knock newcomers for six after one puff! However, in case you can stand up to the energy of Northern Lights #5, it might reward you with a way of happiness and well-being.


Like ancestry and genetics paint an image of our organic origins, as hashish merchandise, strains, and even customers proceed to evolve, we mustn’t lose sight of our roots. They say that traditional issues by no means really exit of fashion. This is undoubtedly the case with old style marijuana strains. Older strains have to be of remarkable high quality to compete with the newer bud.

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