Stoners are in every single place whether or not you prefer it or not. They are a few of you neighbors, co-workers, politicians and associates. They may very well be on the cubical subsequent to you or on the manufacturing unit line after you. Regardless the place you’re employed, they’re stoners working with you. Even if it’s a high within the enterprise or medical area. They are amongst you.

Although, not all jobs are smoker pleasant. Most jobs attempt to cease you from getting the job with a drug take a look at. But there’s methods round that as a lot of you recognize. But then there are these jobs that by no means ask you a couple of drug take a look at and a few occasions assist marijuana smoking. In the phrases of BaseGod, “Very Rare.”

The truth is that all of us want jobs to outlive in life. No cash, no weed. If you’re a stoner and need a job that’s stoner pleasant. We’ve compiled an inventory of one of the best stoner jobs.

1. Musician


2. Artist


3. Dispensary Worker/Bud Tender

despensery worker

4. Marijuana Grower

weed grower

5. Blogger


6. Smoke Shop Owner

smoke shop

7. Stay At Home Parent

stay at home parent

After you are taking the children to highschool. It’s time to smoke and clear.

8. Restaurant Worker

restaurant worker

9. Food Critic

Food Critic

Best stoner job ever.

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