1. Roll a joint of solely kief

2. Put that joint of kief in the course of an even bigger joint/blunt of weed

kief blunt

3. Roll Up!

For those that need to get crazier do these 3 issues under.

A. Get extra kief

kief on a joint

B. Roll your kief blunt/joint in additional kief

kief joint 1

C. Roll that up.

kief joint 2

4. Inspect the joint/blunt

pure kief joint

keef joint

5. Get larger

get higher

I’ve all the time shied away from placing kief in joints and pure kief joints. They by no means appear to burn very nicely. That is till now. I’ve to do that as quickly as I get my kief up. A particular due to Loughery219 for the photographs and Reddit.

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