Do you need a more intense high? Check the following pointers and get essentially the most out of your weed.


Have you been utilizing the identical hashish pressure for a very long time? Then perhaps it is time to add a little more selection. The reality is that when you consistently use the identical kind of hashish pressure, your physique will get used to it.

It could not make sense, however you might strive a pressure with a decrease THC share. It could sound contradictory, however that may produce a more intense feeling than a THC-rich pressure that you have been utilizing constantly currently.

The impact of weed is brought on by an interplay of tons of of connections. The high is made by round 100 cannabinoids (akin to THC, CBD, CBN) together with a great amount of terpenes.

If you sometimes swap between strains, you stimulate your mind with new connections and combos.


If you need a more intensive high, then you ought to undoubtedly strive a hashish focus. There are many various kinds of concentrates.

Dabbing or evaporating a focus, akin to wax, BHO, honey oil, the great previous Moroccan hash, creates a thick high.

You may also add a focus to your joint or bowl. This ensures a nice high that blows away even essentially the most skilled stoner.


If you eat chocolate (the purer and darker, the higher) you strengthen the results of marijuana. This sounds too good to be true, proper? Yet there’s a good scientific foundation for this.

The most important part of chocolate is cocoa, which slows down the breakdown of anandamide. As lengthy as anandamide is current within the mind, you will get pleasure from a glad feeling. The result’s that the high appears to last more.

Pure chocolate additionally accommodates wholesome antioxidants, so that is actually a nice win-win!

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