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Once a hashish plant has been harvested, there are lots of processes between that and the ultimate product that may destroy the plant’s beneficial flavors and aromas. Additionally, many extraction methods purge terpenes and different compounds, leaving the buyer with an odorless focus fully devoid of its authentic essence.

But live resin concentrates are ready to seize the flavors and aromas of the residing plant by way of extraction, in contrast to different varieties of hashish concentrates.

What is live resin and the way is it made?

Live resin is a kind of hashish focus that is produced utilizing a novel method—freshly harvested hashish is frozen to a subcritical temperature prior to and all through the extraction course of, skipping the drying and curing phases.

The drying and curing course of {that a} hashish plant sometimes undergoes can have a devastating affect on terpenes, the compounds that account for taste and aroma. They are current within the trichomes, which line nearly each floor of a mature hashish bud and its surrounding foliage.

During drying and curing, the hashish plant wicks itself of moisture and chlorophyll. Trichomes might also be subjected to antagonistic situations comparable to: elevated publicity to warmth, oxygen, and lightweight, and bodily agitation, which all can degrade terpenes.

By freezing the plant instantly following harvest, the hashish plant retains its beneficial terpene profile, authentic taste, and perfume by way of the extraction course of and into the ultimate product.

What does live resin appear to be?

live resin concentrate

Live resin is sometimes a darkish yellow shade. It is a extra malleable focus, sitting someplace between a sauce and a wax—not too moist and never fairly like taffy.

Like all hashish concentrates it is extraordinarily sticky, so that you’ll want a dab software to deal with it. Depending on the producer, some live resins might have a runny consistency and a few could also be extra stable or waxy.

Where did live resin originate?

Live resin is comparatively new to the hashish focus scene. Its humble origins return to 2011-2013 with a small group of growers and extractors in Colorado.

Among them, William Fenger (also called “Kind Bill”) and EmoTek Labs founder “Giddy Up” pioneered the live resin extraction course of by growing a specialised BHO extractor able to sustaining the extremely low temperatures wanted to produce live resin.

Together, they had been ready to protect terpenes, taste, and aroma in the course of the extraction course of.

What makes live resin completely different from different hashish concentrates?

Live resin differs from different concentrates comparable to shatter, rosin, or different BHO merchandise due to its excessive terpene content material. A extra complicated terpene profile can ship a distinct and extra complicated expertise as properly, due to the entourage impact—how all of the completely different hashish compounds work collectively to create an expertise.

Fans of hashish extracts have a tendency to place a excessive worth on taste and aroma in addition to results, so there’s a giant demand for live resin concentrates.

What distinguishes live resins from each other?

live resin

Photo courtesy of Arizona Natural Selections

Products labeled as live resins usually differ in viscosity, ranging between saps, sugars, jellies, butters, and much more stable shatters. While terpene focus can impact viscosity, merchandise can be mechanically altered post-extraction, comparable to when saps are whipped into butters.

Some live resins solely include sure lighter terpenes comparable to pinene and myrcene. A smaller variety of terpenes can affect taste and results. Variations can happen as a result of some extraction processes fail to seize different terpenes, however the terpene profile additionally is dependent upon the beginning materials used.

No matter how a focus has been extracted, it is solely as potent and palatable because the plant and components of the plant it got here from. Extracts using the entire plant can usually have a extra complicated terpene profile than these using solely contemporary frozen flowers.

How to retailer live resin

Keep live resin cool and in an air-tight container, ideally in a fridge in case you can. This will protect the terpenes and maintain it tasting and smelling nice for some time.

Leaving it out within the open with the lid off will trigger it to dry out rapidly, making it tougher to deal with and damaging the style.

How to consume live resin

There are a couple of methods to consume live resin.


Most folks dab live resin. To achieve this you’ll want a dab rig and both a torch and nail or an e-nail. You’ll additionally want a dabber software—more than likely one thing with a scoop on it, given live resin’s consistency—to deal with the focus and put it within the nail.

A very good nail temperature is round 550°F—this can protect the terpenes and flavors with out scorching the focus.

Vaping with a dab pen

You may put your live resin in a dab pen, which is like a vape pen that enables you to put concentrates into it as an alternative of a vape cartridge.

Be certain to use a dabber software to get the live resin within the oven of the dab pen, then click on the button and also you’re set.

Topping off

You may put some live resin on high of a bowl, joint, or blunt for an added kick.

The evolving recognition of live resin

Live resins have come fairly a good distance since their Colorado inception. As just lately as a couple of years in the past, they had been an enigmatic and uncommon product solely present in sure connoisseur markets at premium costs, typically exceeding $100 per gram.

Although live resins are nonetheless offered at the next premium than different focus merchandise, specifically BHOs, these days live resin costs are rather more inexpensive and most dispensaries carry a spread of choices.

As the marketplace for hashish concentrates continues to demand extra flavorful choices that provide a extra complicated expertise, live resins will proceed to be made. After all, having fun with a focus that is still true to the perfume of the flower it got here from is actually a exceptional expertise.

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