The feds need you to know that smoking weed and working a motorized vehicle don’t jive — even in the event you’re attempting to get away from a masked madman wielding a lethal weapon within the woods. At least that is the takeaway from “You Can Run, But You Can’t Drive High,” a new PSA business created by the Ad Council and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

It’s a horror film parody through which two dudes — one stoned and one sober — flee a masked predator who’s swinging an axe at them. During a sequence of slim escapes, the pursued friends spout causes not to drive excessive. When the dudes lastly hop into a parked truck, the one behind the wheel says, “I can’t drive. I’m high.” The guys change locations and zoom off to security.

The spot is a part of the NHSTA’s “Feel Different, Drive Different” marketing campaign and — if anybody comes away confused — it additionally options on-screen messaging similar to: “This is an ad that says you shouldn’t drive high.”

According to the marketing campaign’s web site, “The rules around marijuana use can be confusing. But when it comes to marijuana use and driving, all you need to remember is one rule: Driving impaired is illegal everywhere.”

“Research shows marijuana can slow reaction time, impair judgment of distance, and decrease coordination — all skills necessary for the safe operating of a vehicle,” notes a statement from the Ad Council. “Our campaign targets young men aged 18 to 35, many of whom reject the common stereotypes of marijuana users — and reminds viewers that if you feel different, you drive different. Don’t drive high.”

Much debate continues over how THC impacts one’s potential to drive, inflicting opponents of legalization to single out this situation as a cause to halt reform. At the time of this writing, a roadside check that may show in the event you’re excessive (assume: a breathalyzer for alcohol, however for weed) doesn’t exist. So, there isn’t any means for legislation enforcement to know in the event you’re driving stoned, until you’re caught smoking whereas driving otherwise you look flagrantly impaired (maybe from consuming too many edibles). It is smart, then, that the PSA took a don’t-drive-under-any-circumstances vein. 

From that lens, the PSA successfully delivers its message — in the event you’re caught stoned behind the wheel, you may get you arrested — with all of the subtlety of a psycho-killer hellbent on chopping off your head.

“You Can Run, But You Can’t Drive High” is reportedly set to run a 30-second business on TV and an 80-second model on-line. Audio variations are additionally reportedly going to air on the radio, too.

While we don’t condone driving excessive, whether it is a life or demise state of affairs through which you’re being chased by a individual with an axe who is clearly attempting to homicide you — do no matter you may to get away. Sometimes life or demise conditions name for driving after you’ve got had a couple puffs. 

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