If you’re enthusiastic about medical marijuana, you’ve inevitably heard a couple of type of hashish generally known as Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO. RSO is a concentrated type of hashish oil recognized to have medical advantages, notably for most cancers, however the place did RSO come from? Who is Rick Simpson? Can you smoke RSO? Read on to find out about Rick Simpson and how you can make your individual RSO at dwelling.

What is RSO?

(Courtesy of Rick Simpson)

RSO is a hashish focus used for a lot of totally different medical advantages, together with relieving most cancers signs. It has a thick, syrupy consistency and will be utilized as a topical or ingested in meals or drink.

In 2003, Rick Simpson created the oil after three suspicious bumps on his arm turned out to be basal cell carcinoma, a type of pores and skin most cancers. Simpson had used hashish to deal with medical points previously, so he made a hashish oil to deal with his pores and skin most cancers topically, making use of it to a bandage and leaving the cancerous spots lined for a number of days.

Within days, the cancerous growths had disappeared. Although his doctor refused to acknowledge hashish as a remedy different, Simpson turned a real believer within the medicinal powers of hashish and unfold the phrase of his hashish oil, later known as RSO.

How to use RSO

For medical sufferers, it is all the time beneficial to seek the advice of your doctor earlier than beginning any new remedy routine. However, some physicians could also be hostile to hashish as a course of remedy. If you determine to use RSO, proceed with warning and at your individual discretion.

When search for symptom reduction for a situation or medical advantages, for one affected person, the purpose is to steadily eat 60 grams of Rick Simpson Oil over the course of a 90-day interval.

Week 1: Start with three doses day by day

Each dose must be concerning the dimension of half a grain of rice and must be administered as soon as each eight hours (morning, midday, and night time); the primary dose will likely be about ¼ of a drop of RSO.

Weeks 2 via 5: Double your dose each 4 days

The common individual will take between three and 5 weeks to succeed in the complete dosage of 1 gram of RSO per day.

Weeks 5 via 12: Take one gram of RSO day by day till you’ve consumed the complete 60 grams

Eventually, the affected person will likely be taking about 8-9 rice-sized drops of RSO each eight hours.

The style of the RSO could also be barely bitter or disagreeable, so sufferers might desire to ingest the oil by swallowing it immediately or mixing it with meals, resembling bananas, to assist masks the style.

Side results

Mainly sleepiness, which is a pure a part of the therapeutic course of. Increasing the dose steadily will assist reduce the psychoactive results and preserve your tolerance to a purposeful stage. Daytime sleepiness ought to fade inside three to 4 weeks.

Continued routine

After a 12-week routine of RSO, you could need to proceed the remedy but it surely must be at a considerably decreased fee. About one to 2 grams of RSO per 30 days is sufficient for a daily upkeep dose.

Rick Simpson Oil shouldn’t be thought of a cure-all for medical situations, however many sufferers have skilled vital reduction from their medical signs and situations with the use of RSO.

Can you smoke or dab RSO?

As RSO is an oil, it may be smoked or dabbed, nonetheless, it is determined by what solvent was used to make it—if a extremely flammable solvent was used, don’t try to smoke or dab RSO. Always test together with your budtender on how the product was created and whether or not or not it is protected to dab or smoke.

If making RSO at dwelling, you should make sure to burn off all of the alcohol utterly. As this may be difficult and the product is not going to have been examined for chemical, we suggest not smoking or dabbing RSO you make at dwelling.

How to make RSO

how to make RSO, DIY rick simpson oil


Making your individual RSO at dwelling is not tough, and the method isn’t all that totally different from making cannabutter or other forms of infused hashish oil. Rick Simpson recommends utilizing indica hashish strains for greatest outcomes, though you may use any pressure, particularly if a selected one works greatest in your medical situation.

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Note: This recipe will produce the complete 60 grams of oil for a 90-day remedy routine. If you’re in search of a smaller remedy course, you may simply divide the recipe into smaller quantities. For instance, one ounce of hashish will produce 3-Four grams of RSO.

Rick Simpson Oil recipe


  • 1 pound of dried hashish materials (indica pressure)
  • 2 gallons of solvent – 99% isopropyl alcohol (can even use butane, ethanol, or different solvent)
  • 5-gallon bucket
  • A deep bowl
  • Wooden spoon for stirring
  • Cheesecloth
  • Rice cooker
  • Plastic catheter tip syringe (60ml)
  1. Place dry hashish materials into the 5-gallon bucket and pour within the solvent till the plant matter is lined.
  2. Stir and crush the plant materials together with your picket spoon whereas including the solvent to your combination. Continue stirring the combination for about three minutes whereas the THC dissolves into the solvent. This will dissolve about 80% of the THC into the solvent.
  3. Drain the solvent from the plant materials into your bowl utilizing the cheesecloth. Place the plant materials again within the bucket and add extra solvent. Continue stirring for an additional three minutes.
  4. Drain the solvent out of your plant materials into your bowl utilizing the cheesecloth and discard the remaining plant materials.
  5. Transfer your solvent to your rice cooker till it is about ¾ full and switch in your rice cooker.
    Note: While you don’t essentially want a rice cooker, should you’ve by no means made RSO earlier than, rice cookers are exceptionally helpful on this occasion for sustaining a sluggish, regular temperature. If your combination heats above 300 levels Fahrenheit (148 levels Celsius), the cannabinoids will cook dinner off and the RSO will likely be unusable. It is not beneficial to use a Crockpot or sluggish cooker, as this will likely overheat your combination.
  6. The rice cooker ought to preserve a gentle temperature between 210 and 230 levels Fahrenheit (100 to 110 levels Celsius), which is the right warmth setting for decarboxylation to happen.
  7. As the rice cooker heats up, the solvent will slowly evaporate. Continue so as to add your combination to the rice cooker steadily.
    Note: Make certain your rice cooker is in an open, well-ventilated space, and keep away from all flames, stovetops, sparks, and cigarettes, because the solvent is extremely flamable.
  8. Once the solvent has evaporated, siphon the oil into your syringe for straightforward dosing. The RSO will likely be thick, so if in case you have hassle dishing out it, run the syringe below scorching water and the RSO combination ought to dispense with ease.

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Cooking with RSO

You can cook dinner with RSO as nicely, simply as you may with cannabutter or hashish cooking oil. Consider the dish you’ll be making and consider the feel and stickiness of RSO.

As far as baking, it is likely to be simpler to combine it in with one thing that has extra liquid substances, like a cake or brownies, versus cookies.

RSO is nice for drizzling over any kind of meals, however the style is usually a little off-putting for some. You might need to combine it with a sauce or one thing else to masks the flavour.

The story of Rick Simpson

Rick Simpson stumbled upon hashish fame purely by chance. Long earlier than “Rick Simpson Oil” was coined as a time period, and lengthy earlier than hashish was thought of remotely mainstream, Rick Simpson was an engineer working in a Canadian hospital in 1997.

Working within the hospital boiler room protecting asbestos on pipes with a potent aerosol glue, poisonous fumes constructed up within the poorly ventilated room and brought on a brief nervous system shock, making him fall off his ladder and hit his head. He was knocked unconscious and when he awoke, his colleagues took him to an emergency room.

He suffered dizzy spells and a ringing in his ears for years after the accident, however his prescribed medicine had little impact, even making his signs worse. After seeing a documentary highlighting the constructive advantages of hashish, Simpson inquired about medical marijuana however his physician refused to think about it as a remedy. Simpson ended up sourcing hashish on his personal and noticed a major enchancment in his tinnitus and different signs.

In 2003, three suspicious bumps appeared on Simpson’s arm. His physician agreed that the bumps appeared cancerous and took a biopsy. Sure sufficient, the bumps turned out to be basal cell carcinoma, a type of pores and skin most cancers.

Using hashish with success previously, Simpson heard a couple of study from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute by which THC was discovered to kill most cancers cells in mice. He made the choice to attempt to deal with his pores and skin most cancers topically, making use of concentrated hashish oil to a bandage and leaving the cancerous spots lined for a number of days.

After 4 days, he eliminated the bandages and the cancerous growths had disappeared. Although his doctor refused to acknowledge hashish as a remedy different, Simpson was now a real believer within the medicinal powers of hashish.

From then on out, he started cultivating his personal hashish and harvesting crops to create his personal specialised type of hashish focus, now generally known as Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO. It turned his mission and purpose to distribute hashish oil to those that wanted it, freed from cost. He helped deal with greater than 5,000 sufferers with RSO, however his journey was not with out its setbacks and struggles.

Simpson’s personal physician refused to acknowledge the advantages, and Simpson confronted arrest and persecution in his native Canada. His dwelling was raided on a number of events and he had over 2,600 crops reduce down and confiscated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, however Simpson persevered and continued to distribute hashish oil. To at the present time, he continues to unfold the phrase of his findings.

Have you ever used RSO? How has it impacted your life? Let us know within the feedback!

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