Whether you smoke, vape, eat, or drink your hashish treats, there are numerous widespread results skilled by many customers. From those that all the time get cottonmouth to individuals who appear to get the munchies each time they’re excessive, there’s a purpose behind each hashish facet impact you’ve skilled.

If you’re inquisitive about what occurs in your mind and physique as you get excessive, learn on for the commonest reactions to getting excessive and why they’re occurring to you.

Endocannabinoid Receptors

One of crucial discoveries about hashish is that the cannabinoids inside the plant can work together together with your physique in the identical manner as your pure endocannabinoid receptors. More than 100 distinctive cannabinoids have been found in marijuana vegetation, however the ones you’ve in all probability heard all about are THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol).

Your pure endocannabinoids are neurotransmitters which can be made to bond with receptor proteins all through the vertebrate central nervous system. Your central nervous system runs by means of your entire physique and contains the mind. Any cannabinoid that enters your physique by means of marijuana can bond with the receptor proteins on this system to supply a wide range of results.


Cottonmouth is a quite common expertise for individuals who take pleasure in hashish. It contains an extremely dry feeling in your mouth, however may trigger bits of spit and mucus alongside the roof of the mouth and might make the gums really feel like cotton.

This impact occurs when a cannabinoid (usually THC) binds itself to one of many nervous system proteins in your submandibular glands. These are a pair of glands which can be positioned on the ground of your mouth and produce 70% of your saliva. As the cannabinoid binds to this receptor, it stops receiving messages from the parasympathetic nervous system that controls how a lot saliva you create.

In many instances, dry mouth can imply you’re dehydrated, however this isn’t essentially true when utilizing hashish. If your mouth feels more and more dry after taking a success, take small sips of water to reduce the feeling. Drinking an excessive amount of water will be harmful, so regulate your liquid consumption.

Increased Tolerance

Everyone has a unique private tolerance to THC and CBD, so there isn’t any precise dose that impacts everybody in precisely the identical methods. Factors can embrace weight, gender, bodily health, food plan, and far more. Regardless of your pure tolerance, many individuals uncover that the extra they imbibe, the bigger doses they need to eat to really feel the identical results.

At some level, the protein receptors that work together with the pure neurotransmitters in your physique and to these launched by marijuana cease reacting to the cannabinoids flooding your system. One research discovered a 20% drop in receptor exercise for per week. This enhance in your body’s tolerance will be reset in only a few days of lowered marijuana use. This identical research discovered that receptor exercise elevated to regular ranges in as little as two days.

Increased Heart Rate

If you’ve seen that your coronary heart begins beating actually quick after smoking or consuming some hashish, the explanation lies with the CB1 receptor that impacts your vascular system. As your vascular resistance drops and lowers your blood strain, your physique wants to extend its coronary heart fee to compensate for the slower circulate of blood. While your coronary heart can beat wherever from 50-70 occasions a minute in a traditional resting state, hashish use can enhance this to 70-120 beats per minute.

For many, it is a very gentle impact and probably not noticeable, however should you really feel your coronary heart pumping that a lot tougher throughout a session, it’s indication that it is best to scale back your dosage. Studies do present that hashish use shouldn’t be related to coronary heart illness and doesn’t do any harm by rushing up your coronary heart fee all through your session.

The Munchies

Even individuals who have by no means even thought-about marijuana have in all probability heard of the munchies. One main facet impact of hashish is that it will probably make you are feeling very hungry. Have you ever felt that you can eat complete pizzas single-handedly? Maybe you’ve eaten mountains of mac and cheese throughout a munchies episode? This can be brought on by the bond between receptors and cannabinoids.

Your cannabinoid receptors are linked to the POMC neurons which can be positioned within the hypothalamus. These are what management your urge for food and the discharge of ghrelin — the hormone in your abdomen that tells your mind it’s time to search out some meals. When you utilize marijuana, the neurons and hormones are activated, and also you’re immediately hit with a case of the munchies.

The Giggles

Laughter and its relation to hashish have been studied for over a decade and a big quantity of analysis on the subject does exist. Your giggles aren’t simply in your head. While getting giggly with hashish doesn’t occur to everybody, laughter is understood to be contagious, so this facet impact can have an effect on you by affiliation.

The largest research on hashish and laughter explored how hashish impacts the blood circulate between the left temporal and proper frontal lobes of your mind. Both of those areas are related to laughter and each see elevated blood circulate throughout a “high”. Your giggles is probably not straight related to cannabinoids and receptors, however your blood circulate is managed by your vascular system that does have a CB1 receptor with which cannabinoids can bond.


The manner that films painting the slow-motion impact hashish can have in your physique shouldn’t be fully fiction. Because getting excessive alters blood circulate to your mind, it’s attainable to have an effect on your physique’s sense of time. The cerebellum, which regulates muscle exercise, is answerable for the way you measure and expertise time. Because of the altered blood circulate to this space, many individuals who eat hashish overestimate time by as a lot as 25%. This distorted sense of time usually results in rest and stress discount.

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