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You come residence after a lengthy, annoying day. You’ve obtained ache in your again and a main headache. And you’d like nothing greater than take a rip out of your stunning glass bong.

One take a look at it, although, as you stroll in your house and your stress ranges skyrocket – your bong seems to be like a clogged roof gutter after a heavy rain.

Add bong cleansing to your “to do” listing.

We’ve all been there. It’s not that you simply don’t know clear a bong. But you’re so busy with life that everytime you come residence, cleansing a bong is the very last thing in your thoughts.

It’s a paradox. You know that the smoothest, best-taking bong rips come from common bong upkeep.

Yet… cleansing a bong isn’t any enjoyable. It’s like doing the dishes – you already know that the one approach to have a good meal is to eat off of (or out of) clear dishes. Yet, it’s one thing you attempt to keep away from till it’s completely obligatory (at the same time as you at all times say to your self, “I need to wash these things.”).

5 Reasons An Unclean Bong Is Not a Good Idea

Bong upkeep. No one likes it.

But it’s a dangerous behavior to let the water in your bong flip brown and unclean. For starters, it seems to be unsanitary; nevertheless, for a long-time bong consumer, that’s not the worst factor.

By avoiding bong cleansing, you’re letting the bong water flip nasty and repulsive. This is one of the best ways to wreck the style of the weed you smoke. And you’re additionally permitting it to change into smelly, which for some individuals might be worse than something.

Would you permit your automotive to go with out common upkeep? How about your enamel or your physique?

No, in fact not. You know that common upkeep permits your automotive to last more. Regular maintenance of your enamel retains your them robust and clear for many years whereas common care of your physique allows you to develop outdated – whereas feeling much less outdated than you’re!

It’s the identical with clear bongs, so why let yours go unclean?

Stagnant water additionally makes cleansing a bong tougher and virtually unimaginable to maintain it contemporary and glowing so that each sesh is tasty and clean.

Here are Four the explanation why cleansing a bong that’s unclean is necessary:

Risk of Bacteria and Infection

Research signifies that it takes lower than 24 hours for micro organism to start forming in used bong water, so not cleansing a bong for even one 24-hour interval can begin the contamination course of.

Because you’re inhaling content material straight from the water, it goes straight to your lungs; and so does the micro organism. This will increase the chance of an infection and normal nastiness inside your physique.

In addition, it’s not tasty. As the micro organism start to slowly flip the bong water into sewage, the style adjustments.

Which results in…

Rancid Smell and Bad Taste

First, there’s the odor of bong itself. Dirty water emits a rancid odor, particularly if it’s been standing round for a few days (and it’s even worse in scorching, humid locations).

Also take into account, this – there’s at all times the potential for spilling, so should you spill soiled water from a bong, the odor from the mess can be horrific, particularly if the bong water is exceptionally soiled. And that’s not even contemplating the stains that may mar your carpets or furnishings (and even the household cat or canine!).

Second, there’s each the odor of smoke and the style of weed from inhalation. If you’ve spent a lot of money and time both rising your individual weed or making the acquisition of your favourite pressure of flower, why not spend a little extra time on a common foundation eliminating your soiled water and performing bong upkeep?

Otherwise, you’re continuously inclined to having each dangerous odor AND dangerous style everytime you take a rip.

Clean, cool water that’s modified out as soon as a week will guarantee an fragrant, great-tasting sesh each time!

Safer Sharing

The query of how usually to wash a bong must be decided by your smoking habits. For instance, should you frequently smoke alone, then cleansing the bong is as much as you – day by day, weekly, bi-weekly, month-to-month.

However, should you frequently have a group sesh (and even should you merely have it as soon as in a whereas), it’s a good thought to carry out good bong upkeep after every sesh, particularly should you suspect somebody’s obtained a chilly or another virus. This helps preserve down the dangers of transferring germs.

One different suggestion for protecting clear bongs: throughout a sesh, when you have some alcohol swabs or wipes helpful, you may wipe the mouthpiece after every particular person’s rip, simply to make certain.

Bong Aesthetics

If you’ve spent good cash in your handsome glass, why sully it with soiled crap water? It’s like not washing a high quality shirt, shirt, pants, or skirt.

Show off that art work that so many bongs are well-known for. Allow your fellow sesh BFFs to admire and luxuriate in smoking out of your positive bong (which gained’t be doable should you keep away from common bong cleansing).

The Image of Weed Smokers

As hashish goes mainstream across the U.S., one of the best ways to make sure that it continues, and that you simply keep your freedom of selection in the case of hashish seshing, is to do the little issues that may assist cut back the “stoner” picture that too many individuals have about weed people who smoke: lazy, unintelligent, unmotivated, unsuccessful, unable to take care of high quality of life, and so on.

You know that weed people who smoke are completely able to main profitable, “normal” lives, however you also needs to know that altering the picture of smoking weed is necessary to all of us.

As acceptance grows, increasingly tales emerge of enterprise homeowners who’ve achieved phenomenal success whereas persevering with to be a heavy smoker. Make certain you’re a type of who assist elevate the plant’s (and the smoker’s) picture and perpetuate this new picture.

Not cleansing a bong is a small factor, but it surely maintains the unfavourable stereotype that weed people who smoke don’t need in addition to the picture that forestalls full acceptance of weed by society as a complete.

If you don’t assume it’s necessary, then take into account the choice – shopping for weed on the black market (the place you don’t have any ensures of purity or requirements) and/or at all times having to think about the prospect of getting arrested.

Bong cleansing is probably not your (or anybody’s) thought of enjoyable, however the cleaner you retain your bong, the higher your seshes, the longer they final, and the extra good reminiscences you create.

Who knew that a lot may come from correct, common bong upkeep?

What Do You Need for Proper Bong Cleaning?

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You could also be asking your self, “What can I use to clean my bong?”

To be sincere, you don’t want a lot to wash a bong, and it normally takes solely a jiffy.

You additionally don’t want to have interaction in bong upkeep daily, though there’s loads of advantage in a day by day session of bong cleansing.

However, simply as soon as each week or two is normally adequate, and your trusty bong won’t ever allow you to down (though see above for recommendations on how usually to do bong upkeep, because it ought to rely in your toking habits).

Here’s what you’ll virtually definitely want:

Deep sink or tub and working water

  • This will support within the bong cleansing and rinsing

Rubbing alcohol (Choose 1 of the next)

  • 70%+ Isopropyl (good for gentle or day by day cleansing)
  • 90%+ Isopropyl (a widespread selection for normal cleansing)
  • 100% Acetone (comparable to nail polish remover, superb for heavier cleansing)

An various to rubbing alcohol may be very scorching water, although alcohol is extremely really helpful for protecting your bong glowing and tremendous contemporary.

Coarse Salt (Choose 1 of the next)

  • Epsom Salt (hottest)
  • Sea Salt
  • Rock Salt

Material for Plugging or Stuffing Openings

  • Cotton Balls (hottest)
  • Q-tips (for smaller openings)
  • Hand towels (for bigger openings)

Now you’re prepared for the principle occasion – cleansing a bong.

How to Clean a Bong

Step 1: Prep the Bong

Make certain your bong or home made bong has not one of the outdated, soiled water by giving it a fast rinse with scorching water to melt any leftover resin that continues to be. Rinse it a number of instances to take away as a lot crap and particles as doable, which is able to aid you preserve on cleansing supplies throughout routine bong upkeep.

Step 2: Pour In Alcohol

Pour the rubbing alcohol into the bong. The measurement and form of the bong will decide how a lot you utilize, however listed below are two issues on which to base your choice:

  • For a straight pipe glass bong, a widespread quantity to make use of is about half the quantity of water that you simply usually use
  • For a bong with a water chamber, fill about a quarter of the chamber with alcohol

Step 3: Add Salt

Don’t simply dump in a random quantity of salt, nevertheless. Pour sufficient salt to refill the palm of your cupped hand. For extra aggressive bong cleansing, add extra; for lighter cleansing, cut back the quantity.

Also take into account the next – are you soaking the bong for a few hours (and even in a single day) or are you going to take issues into your individual arms and shake it? Which one you select will influence your bong cleansing.

For instance, it you’re going to soak it, then you definately’ll wish to add extra alcohol and maybe a little extra salt. After letting it soak, then shake it as much as loosen what’s nonetheless sticking to the glass.

On the opposite hand, should you’re going to shake it, add extra salt. Then shake vigorously to loosen up the built-up resin so the rest of the cleansing is a breeze.

Although it normally takes just one time for the bong upkeep course of to get the piece as clear as you need, typically, the resin and different sticky stays are cussed sufficient to require at the very least yet another go-round.

Step 4: Cover the Openings

Before soaking (and particularly earlier than shaking issues up), cowl all openings with the fabric applicable for the scale of the opening. If you don’t do that (or should you don’t do it totally), your bong gained’t be sealed and leaking and/or spilling will make your issues messier and your life much less handy.

It’s instructed that cotton balls be used to cowl the bowl and/or stem openings whereas a small hand towel is recommended for the principle tube and mouthpiece of your bong.

Step 5: Soak or Shake

If you’re soaking, let it stand for a number of hours, if no more. For extra thorough bong cleansing, nevertheless, let it soak in a single day (sure, this implies you’ll have to make use of various smoking strategies to benefit from the night time’s sesh).

If you’re shaking it clear, then be sure you grasp firmly and canopy the coated openings as you shake the bong with the answer sloshing inside. Shake exhausting sufficient that the salt can be abrasive sufficient to wash the cussed stays of resin and gunk clinging to the glass.

After a minute or two of shaking, it’s best to begin seeing a distinction because the particles and resin slide off the glass. You ought to anticipate that the salt and alcohol combination turns into darkish and soiled, which signifies that the shaking is working.

Step 6: Thoroughly Rinse the Bong

Once you’re carried out together with your bong cleansing, and also you’re proud of the outcomes, then one last step could be a good thought: totally rinse out your bong with heat water. In reality, it’s best to take time to rinse out 3-Four instances to get all of the alcohol and/or salt which may stay.

To make sure that all of the alcohol has been rinsed out, take a sniff of the within of the bong. Any remaining odor is a telltale signal that it’s best to rinse at the very least as soon as extra, if not 2-Three instances extra.

At this level, your bong ought to look and odor contemporary and clear. It is perhaps too tough to dry the bong manually, comparable to with a comfortable towel or material, so you might have to let it air dry. If you’re in a hurry to spark up a bowl, possibly let the bong air dry in a breeze or in entrance of a fan.

When your bong is dry, it’s prepared so that you can refill the chamber and luxuriate in a clear, clean sesh!

Now That You’ve Cleaned It, How Are You Going to Keep Your Bong Clean?

Upkeep of fresh bongs isn’t so tough, however, should you’re like most individuals, you simply don’t at all times do it on the common. If you comply with the steps beneath, nevertheless, not solely will any subsequent sesh style and odor higher, however your bong can even keep brisker for longer.

Fresh Water (or Even No Water) = Fresh Bong

The best factor to do is to make use of contemporary water each time you spark up a sesh. To make this work even higher, empty out your soiled bong water each night time earlier than going to mattress, as this can assist keep its contemporary, clear state for longer.

Lemony Freshness

An efficient approach to preserve your bong wanting and smelling contemporary is to dab a few drops of pure lemon juice (from the fruit, not from a bottle).

As a consequence, your subsequent sesh can be tasty. A citrus taste to every sesh provides a delicate enchantment that your sesh buddies will respect. Plus, you’ll preserve down the dangerous odor that used bong water offers off.

One final observe in regards to the lemon: the acidic high quality of the citrus from the enzymes current within the juice additionally helps to interrupt down the resin and stop unpleasant buildup contained in the glass. Don’t overdo it, nevertheless, as you’ll drown out the style of your hashish (and isn’t that what you’re making an attempt to keep away from by doing bong cleansing within the first place?).

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