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Gas masks bongs are well-liked round festivals and amongst severe hashish followers.
Known for his or her one-and-done hits, they’ve a popularity for offering fast and highly effective highs. Yet, are all of them their made out to be?
For the last word scoop on them, right here’s a fast information on the best way to use them, the dangers concerned, and even the best way to make your personal selfmade gasoline masks water bong at residence.

How To Use A Gas Mask Bong

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They are surprisingly easy to make use of. In reality, they’re precisely like an everyday bong. The solely distinction is that it’s far more troublesome to exhale. Some folks imagine that this makes them increased. Yet, in actuality, you may get simply as excessive extra safely with an everyday water bong.
Still, they appear cool and are enjoyable experiments.
To get probably the most out of your gasoline masks water bong, right here’s the best way to use it:
Step 1:
Put on the gasoline masks. It ought to be safe however nonetheless simple to take off in case you begin coughing.
Step 2:
Pack and lightweight your bowl, inserting your finger on the carb.
Step 3:
Remove your finger from the carb and inhale to clear the piece. If your bong has no carb, take away the bowl.
Step 4:
Close your eyes (to attenuate eye irritation from the smoke) and exhale. The stale smoke will cling round for some time, although it is going to slowly begin to trickle out from the carb.
Step 5:
To pace up the clearing course of so stale smoke doesn’t linger, take away the bowl or take away the gasoline masks totally. If you start coughing, really feel light-headed, or are struggling to get air, take away the gasoline masks instantly.
Safety first!

How To Make A Weed Gas Mask Easily

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Making selfmade one is surprisingly simple. With a visit or two to the ironmongery shop or some on-line purchasing, it’s easy to seek out all of what it’s worthwhile to make your personal DIY gasoline masks water bong at residence.


  • Gas masks
  • Rubber sealant
  • Electrical tape
  • Heat-safe plastic tubing minimize to your required dimension (some folks favor tender plastics)
  • Bowl w rubber stopper
  • Small tubing for downstem
  • Drill


Step 1:
Using the drill, minimize a small gap three-quarters of the best way down the plastic tube. The gap ought to be sufficiently big for the bowl and the downstem to suit snugly into the pipe. Once minimize, place the bowl and the downstem into the pipe.
Step 2:
Seal the underside of the pipe with a bath plug or safe rubber sealant to the underside with electrical tape. You ought to use sufficient stopper materials to stop water leaking out of your masks. To fill the bong, take away the bowl and add water.
Step 3:
Use a drill to carve out a large carb for elevated airflow and security. A carb will stop choking and provide the capacity to exhale the smoke must you begin coughing with the gasoline masks hooked up.
For additional security, depart the bowl out of the pipe as you exhale.
Step 4:
Prepare the gasoline masks by eradicating any exterior filters. Seal off extra holes with electrical tape and rubber sealant. Remove any seals or limitations from what is going to turn into the mouthpiece of your new gasoline masks water bong.
The purpose is to have just one vent that can finally connect to the water bong pipe. Air might want to simply transfer out and in of this vent, so some changes to the gasoline masks could also be vital.
Step 5:
Attach your newly selfmade gasoline masks water bong to the precise gasoline masks.
While you historically inhale by means of a aspect filter in a gasoline masks, you may be inhaling from the underside opening on this.
When you’re able to exhale, merely pull out the plastic tubing from the precise gasoline masks. When buying tubing, ensure that the tubing can simply match into the gasoline masks.
Seal with electrical tape so the bong stays hooked up.
Step 6:
Stay protected! Make positive you possibly can simply pull off it within the occasion that you simply start coughing and wish contemporary air. While a carb helps present some further airflow, ensuring the masks is well detachable is important.

How To Pick Out The Best Gas Mask Bong

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Not all them are made equal. When looking for the perfect one, investing in a top quality product makes all of the distinction.
Here are just a few suggestions and methods for looking for the perfect one:

  1. Pick one with a snorkel

The finest ones have snorkels or vents. This permits you to breathe in actual air when you’re utilizing the gasoline masks water bong.
This is a big security bonus, as it will probably prevent from passing out from inhaling carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide for too lengthy in case there’s an accident.

  1. Pick one with a splash guard

The finest ones will even have some kind of splash guard or filter the place the bong meets the masks.
This bong is hooked up to your face, which means that you simply probably splash water on your self for those who transfer round too aggressively or occur to be clumsy.
Further, water may come pouring out of the bowl with a gasoline masks water bong. This means that you may irritatingly spill water in all places when you will have it hooked up to your face.
The finest one could have splash safety.

  1. The finest glass masks bongs will function heat-safe supplies

If you propose on utilizing regularly, performing some analysis forward of time is a good suggestion. Many of them are made with low-cost supplies and flimsy plastics.
If you’re involved about this, it might be worthwhile to e mail the distributor and producer to seek out out whether or not or not their merchandise are made with heat-safe plastics.

  1. Think about consolation

There are just a few different issues that individuals usually respect about them obtainable. A comfy and shut match is commonly most popular.
A sturdy head strap to stop slippage can be a preferred function.
Trying on one among these contraptions at a smoke store to see the way it matches earlier than buying might be a good suggestion.

Risks Of Using A Gas Mask Bong

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Out of all of the methods to devour hashish, are among the many least protected. Why? Some are constructed from easy plastic soda bottles.
By their nature, they improve your publicity to carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide long-term.
They can also simply overwhelm the buyer with coughing matches which are made worse by a lack of accessible oxygen for those who can’t detach the bong or take away the masks.

  1. Choking

There’s a purpose why folks let you know to not place plastic luggage over your head.
They bought within the retailer usually function vents or snorkels that stop you from suffocating. Yet, when making your personal one at residence, many individuals depend on plastic jugs and different non-breathable supplies.
This creates just a few issues. One of those issues consists of the very fact you might be uncovered to giant portions of smoke for lengthy durations of time when your physique is basically in want of oxygen.
No one has ever died from one.
Yet, they do improve the chance for choking and passing out if for some purpose you retain the masks on too lengthy and proceed to inhale smoke.
Make positive you both purchase a gasoline masks water bong with a snorkel or be sure can simply be taken off or the bong eliminated.
Cannabis shouldn’t be a harmful substance. No have to make it harmful by choking your self out.

  1. Irritation

Both selfmade one and ones you purchase on the retailer may cause irritation to the eyes, mouth, and tissues of the lungs.
They improve your publicity to sizzling and worsening smoke since you breathe it in longer.
Further, since a lot of them cowl the eyes, you might discover your eyes and pores and skin extra irritated than regular.

  1. Breathing in cancerous supplies

The plastic utilized in a lot of them was not designed to resist warmth. By utilizing water jugs and soda bottles to make one, you improve your publicity to carcinogenic compounds and compounds that disrupt the endocrine system, like Bisphenol A (BPA).

  1. Excess publicity to carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide

While many hashish shoppers usually recommend that it’s worthwhile to maintain in your hits for lengthy durations of time, that is truly a delusion.
A easy lengthy inhalation and gradual exhalation will work loads high-quality. In reality, your full inhalation doesn’t have to take any longer than three seconds.
A gasoline masks bong might look cool, however you can even get simply as excessive with an everyday bong with out respiration within the stale air. In actuality, they are extra about look and elegance than effectivity and security.

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