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When it comes to pots, your cannabis desires one factor and one factor solely: a protected, wholesome place for root growth. Without wholesome roots, your cannabis won’t ever thrive. Roots are accountable for water retention, nutrient absorption, anchoring the plant, and likewise facilitate vegetative development. All of those features should be thought of when selecting a container.

For a root system to develop and thrive, they may want the following:

  • Drainage: Water retention is paramount for wholesome vegetation—with out it, your cannabis will wither and die. But an excessive amount of water will waterlog your plant and lead to root rot, killing roots.
  • Oxygen: Plant roots require oxygen to operate correctly. Choose a container that facilitates sufficient oxygen for root growth with out overexposing them to the parts—containers do that although varied types of perforation.
  • Nutrients: Roots require optimum situations for nutrient absorption to happen. This contains pH stability, optimum temperatures, and nutrient availability.
  • Space: Roots want loads of house to department out. A container that’s too small will trigger it to develop into rootbound and choke the plant.

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Common pots used for cannabis rising

Garden facilities and develop provide chains provide completely different pots that change by materials composition, form, dimension, and perforation type.

Traditional plastic containers 


Standard plastic containers are a well-liked choice for growers working on a price range. These pots are cheap, however nonetheless present the necessities for your vegetation.


  • Low overhead prices
  • Solid drainage (plus it’s simple to add extra holes)
  • Transplanting is simple and cheap


  • Inability to shield root techniques from temperature fluctuations
  • Lack of sturdiness which might trigger cracks and structural injury over time
  • May have airflow points relying on the develop medium

Ceramic pots


Otherwise generally known as terra cotta, ceramic pots provide a singular set of advantages to growers in sizzling climates.


  • Absorb moisture and retain decrease temperatures throughout hotter days
  • Heavy weight helps to anchor bigger vegetation


  • Less than optimum drainage; drilling holes into clay pots is feasible however requires particular instruments and is extra labor-intensive
  • Heavy weight makes it troublesome to transport vegetation

Fabric containers


A comparatively new innovation in container gardening, roots in material pots develop to the outer edges and try to bypass the porous material wall. Instead, they’re reduce, permitting new development to happen. This course of, referred to as “air pruning,” leads to a denser root composition which promotes wholesome development and growth.


  • Promotes dense, wholesome root techniques
  • Increased airflow to the roots
  • Excellent drainage excellent for carefully-maintained gardens


  • Requires extra consideration and upkeep as the pots dry out rapidly. Note: you should use bigger pots to assist gradual drying out.
  • Flimsy construction could make plant assist difficult

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