States which have medical marijuanas applications have reportedly began to see a drop within the variety of individuals requesting opioid prescriptions.

A current research revealed within the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons this month means that the supply of medical marijuana has been liable for an nearly 20% drop within the variety of opioids prescriptions written.

In the research, researchers word that orthopedic surgeons are among the many highest prescribers of opioids. Researchers counsel that it’s essential for surgeons to expose options to prescribing opioids together with contemplating hashish when medical services can be found.

Multiple massive nationwide database research have proven that states with the legalization of medical marijuana have seen reductions within the opioid prescription charges and opioid-related mortality charges,” reads the research. “The authors of these studies have theorized that in states where medical cannabis is more available, patients are likely to substitute cannabis for opioids in their pain management.”

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