Presented in six separate booklets, the World Drug Report 2020 offers a wealth of knowledge and evaluation to assist the worldwide neighborhood in implementing operational suggestions on plenty of commitments made by Member States, together with the suggestions contained in the end result doc of the particular session of the General Assembly on the world drug downside, held in 2016.

Booklet 1 offers a abstract of the 5 subsequent booklets by reviewing their key findings and highlighting their coverage implications.

Booklet 2 focuses on drug demand and comprises a world overview of the extent of and tendencies in drug use, together with drug use issues, and its well being penalties.

Booklet 3 offers with drug provide and presents the newest estimates and tendencies relating to the manufacturing of and trafficking in opiates, cocaine, amphetamine-type stimulants and cannabis.

Booklet 4 addresses plenty of cross-cutting points, together with the macrodynamics which can be driving the enlargement and growing complexity of the drug markets, and describes a few of the quickly evolving drug-related issues: the newest, multifaceted world opioid disaster; speedy market modifications; the marketplace for new psychoactive substances; the use of the darknet for supplying medication; and developments in jurisdictions which have measures permitting the non-medical use of cannabis.

Booklet 5 appears at the affiliation between socioeconomic traits and drug use issues, together with at the macro-, neighborhood and particular person ranges, with a particular concentrate on inhabitants subgroups which may be impacted otherwise by drug use and drug use issues.

Finally, booklet 6 addresses plenty of different drug coverage points that each one type a part of the worldwide debate on the drug downside however on which in-depth proof is scarce, together with entry to managed medicines, worldwide cooperation on drug issues, different growth in drug cultivation areas, and the nexus between medication and crime.

Executive Summary

The booklet offers the abstract of the six subsequent booklets of the World Drug Report 2020 by reviewing their key findings and highlighting coverage implications based mostly on their conclusions. The important findings in 2020 had been:

Effects of covid-19 on drug markets

Impact may very well be like the 2008 financial disaster

The impact of COVID-10 pandemic on drug markets is unknown and laborious to foretell however it may very well be far reaching. Some producers may very well be pressured to hunt out new methods to fabricate medication as restrictions on motion constrict entry to precursors and important chemical substances.

Following the financial disaster of 2008, some customers started looking for out cheaper artificial substances, and patterns of use shifted in direction of injecting medication. Meanwhile, Governments diminished drug-related budgets.

The largest rapid influence on drug trafficking might be anticipated in international locations the place massive portions are smuggled on business airliner flights.

In the longer run, the financial downturn and related lockdowns have the potential to disrupt drug markets. Rising unemployment and lack of alternatives will make it extra seemingly that poor and deprived people interact in dangerous patterns of drug use, undergo drug use issues and switch to illicit actions linked to medication – both manufacturing or transport.

Expansion and complexity: market development

Patterns of inhabitants development partially clarify the market enlargement

Drug use round the world has been on the rise, in phrases of each general numbers and the proportion of the world’s inhabitants that makes use of medication. In 2009, the estimated 210 million customers represented 4.eight per cent of worldwide inhabitants aged 15‒64, in contrast with the estimated 269 million customers in 2018, or 5.Three per cent of the inhabitants.

Urbanization is a driving issue in present and future drug markets

Drug use is increased in city areas than in rural areas, in each developed and creating international locations. The mass motion of people from the countryside to cities and cities – greater than half the world’s inhabitants now dwell in city areas in contrast with 34 per cent in 1960 – partially explains the general rise in drug use.

Increasing wealth is linked to rising drug use, however the poorest undergo the largest burden of issues
Worldwide, drug use is extra widespread in developed international locations than in creating international locations. Drugs reminiscent of cocaine are much more firmly related to the wealthier components of the world.

Emergence of drugs not below worldwide management stabilizes, however new probably dangerous opioids are on the enhance

Drug markets have gotten more and more complicated. Plant-based substances reminiscent of cannabis, cocaine and heroin have been joined by tons of of artificial medication, many not below worldwide management. There has additionally been a speedy rise in the non-medical use of pharmaceutical medication.

Rapid market modifications

Synthetics change opiates in Central Asia and the Russian Federation and methamphetamine market grows in Afghanistan and Iraq

Policy modifications and altering tendencies Cannabis use on the rise in most jurisdictions the place non-medical use legalized.

Canada, Uruguay and 11 jurisdictions in the United States permit the manufacture and sale of cannabis merchandise for non-medical use. In most of these jurisdictions, cannabis use has risen since its legalization.


Disadvantaged face hurt from authorized and illicit drug markets:

Pharmaceutical opioids for ache administration and palliative care can be found largely in high-income international locations

Medicines for ache reduction are unequally distributed throughout areas. More than 90 per cent of all pharmaceutical opioids obtainable for medical consumption had been in high-income international locations in 2018

Poorer people face a larger danger of drug use issues

Some 35.6 million people suffered from drug use issues in 2018. Poverty, restricted training and social marginalization could enhance the danger of drug use issues and exacerbate the penalties.
The relationship between medication and violence is complicated. It is tough to pin down all the causal relationships between the use of psychoactive substances and violence. The restricted knowledge at the world degree present that intoxication could also be a big issue in murder.

Latest tendencies

Drug use

Cannabis the most used substance, opioids the most dangerous. An estimated 192 million people used cannabis in 2018, making it the most used drug globally. In comparability, 58 million people used opioids in 2018. accounted for 66 per cent of the estimated 167,000 deaths associated to drug use issues in 2017 and 50 per cent of the 42 hundreds of thousands years (or 21 million years) misplaced resulting from incapacity or early loss of life, attributed to drug use. More than 11 million people inject medication, whereas 1.4 million PWID live with HIV, 5.5 million with hepatitis C and 1.2 million live with each hepatitis C and HIV.

Non-medical use of artificial opioids fuels public well being crises In West, Central and North Africa, the opioid disaster is fuelled by tramadol; in North America, by fentanyls.

The stimulant scene is dominated by cocaine and methamphetamine, and use of each substances is rising in their important markets. Some 19 million people used cocaine in 2018, whereas roughly 27 million people used amphetamines that very same yr, methamphetamine being the most used ATS in South-East Asia.

Supply chains
Supply of plant-based medication nonetheless at a excessive degree regardless of some decreases The space below opium poppy cultivation (240,800 hectare) shrank for a second yr in a row in 2019, led by declines in Afghanistan and Myanmar. The portions of opiates seized (704 tons) in 2018 additionally fell markedly from the earlier yr.

Coca bush cultivation continues at a traditionally very excessive degree (244,200 hectare) . The space below coca cultivation remained steady from 2017 to 2018. However, estimated world manufacture of cocaine as soon as extra reached an all-time excessive (1723 tons), and world seizures elevated marginally (1,131 tons).

Quantities of seized methamphetamine, the ATS with the largest market globally, reached a brand new report excessive, at 228 ton-equivalents, in 2018.

Traffickers present resilience by altering routes and manufacturing practices Heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine traffickers have different routes and proceed to develop new buying and selling patterns.


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