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There are seemingly limitless methods to truly eat hashish and get excessive. And every completely different type of hashish and technique of consumption produces barely completely different outcomes. Here are the quickest methods to get excessive with weed.

Rolling a correct joint

smoking joint

Rolling a joint too tight can intervene with airflow. If you’re barely letting out any smoke from every pull, there’s an airflow downside along with your joint and it’ll take for much longer to get excessive. In truth, most of your weed will go up in smoke with out ever being inhaled. Properly rolled joints will present loads of smoke per inhale and result in faster remedy.


Smoking a bong could be a superb strategy to get excessive rapidly and simply. That’s largely as a result of bongs allow you to take further huge rips, and theoretically, the extra THC-rich smoke you may get into your lungs and into your bloodstream, the faster your excessive will set in.

Water filtration is the rationale bongs allow you to take such huge rips. When you smoke a bong, you pull the recent weed smoke by way of water first. This pulls out a variety of nasty toxins in the smoke. At the identical time, it additionally helps cool the smoke.

By the time it hits your lungs, the smoke is far cleaner, cooler, and smoother, permitting you to extra simply take huge hits and maintain it in your lungs.


If you’re inhaling dry herbs by way of a pipe, papers or vaporizer, a grinder may also help to really feel the consequences sooner. An even consistency makes it simpler to burn rapidly. Don’t imagine us? Take an enormous nug and stuff it in a bowl with out breaking it down. It may take a couple of minutes simply to get it to remain lit. Once you’re bored with that, grind a equally sized nug down and pack a bowl with it. You’ll get smoke the second the flame sinks into the bowl and really feel the consequences shortly after the exhale.


Dabs are concentrates, which suggests they’re just about pure THC and terpenes which might be vaporized moderately than burned, they produce a variety of highly effective results.

For starters, dabs typically have a stronger, extra pure style than different types of weed. Similarly, dabbing tends to provide robust highs that set in rapidly. So in the event you’re searching for the quickest methods to get excessive with weed, it’s time to start out dabbing.

Moon Rocks

Moon rocks are type of a novelty merchandise. It’s a potent nug coated in sticky hash oil then rolled round in kief. As a consequence, moonrocks are tremendous potent and filled with THC.

When you smoke a moon rock, you must end up getting excessive fairly rapidly. All that THC received’t take lengthy to enter your bloodstream, and when that occurs, you’ll be sky excessive.



Hash is unquestionably the old fashioned, basic, go-to technique for getting tremendous stoned tremendous quick. By smoking this potent hashish product, you’ll give your self an enormous dose of THC, making for a fast-acting and highly effective excessive.

Some of us are all concerning the tastes and smells of hashish. Others are purely in it for the THC. And in some circumstances, folks need to get as excessive as rapidly as potential. Getting excessive isn’t at all times a race however folks affected by ache positively welcome detours. Use probably the most potent weed you come throughout or any of the guidelines above to spend extra time excessive and fewer work attempting to get there.

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