In 1967, the mainstream media referred to as it “The Summer of Love”. This was true just for a really small inhabitants of individuals. For the remainder of the nation, the Summer of Love was a summer time of unrest, racial tensions, and violence – similar to what we’re experiencing at this time.

The Riots of the Long, Hot Summer. The “Summer of Love” in the United States passed off alongside rising racial tensions in a lot of the nation’s cities. Nearly 160 riots occurred throughout the United States in the summer time of 1967. – Source

This all occurred roughly 4 years after the assassination of JFK and two years earlier than the regime of Nixon. This is all-important for a number of causes I’ll clarify later.

For Black America – there was no summer time of affection. They have been caught in certainly one of the longest winters that appear to have continued up till 2020.

Things didn’t get any higher…

In 1968, Martin Luther King is assassinated. The Vietnam War is in full swing – the US isn’t doing too effectively in the battle both. People again dwelling are uninterested in sending their youngsters to the slaughter. Black individuals are uninterested in being handled as non-citizens and a racist is working with a felony to create a coverage that might ultimately result in the incarceration and disruption of tens of millions of minorities throughout the world – The War on Drugs.

If you don’t know who the racist is – it’s Anslinger. The Criminal is Nixon, nonetheless, he was additionally a racist so we solely make the distinction for the sake of differentiating the two cunts I’m about to speak about.

Anslinger spent years ramping up the concept that “cannabis” makes “darkies think they are as good as white men” [For reals!] and helped set up the racial undertones that govern not solely our drug legal guidelines however a lot of our police drive. More on that later.

Obviously, after the assassination of King, extra unrest occurred. The battle was going unhealthy and this wasn’t good for Nixon who noticed the alternative to make use of marijuana – one thing that black America and anti-war protestors had in frequent – and created the War on Drugs.

Fast Forward to Today 2020

Now – virtually 50-years of brutality we’re seeing 2020 burn-in darkish towering clouds of black smoke. We’re seeing riots in a number of cities over the demise of yet one more black man. We’re seeing a militarized police drive beating individuals with completely no consequence for his or her violence.

What we’re seeing is the results of many years of “tough on crime” and attempting to “beat people into submission over drugs” – there’s a schism between regulation enforcement and the individuals. There is entrenched racial oppression from authorities – who had been initially created to track down escaped slaves. (Read full article)

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