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For many pot people who smoke, a spliff — or a joint or blunt rolled with weed and tobacco — is the popular technique for getting excessive. The attraction is comprehensible!

Spliffs burn slower than pure-weed joints they usually allow the curler to regulate efficiency. Spliffs additionally assist protect weed since you use much less flower than you’ll rolling-up a standard j. Still, the draw back is clear: Tobacco has quite a few severe adversarial well being dangers.

Combining the therapeutic grace of THC and CBD with the ugly tolls of tobacco might pose a steep worth to pay for the immediate gratification of a spliff. While THC and CBD might have some anti-cancer and cancer-fighting properties, tobacco is thought to trigger most cancers. It additionally has different adversarial results on the center, mind, gums, pores and skin, and cardiovascular system. 

Fortunately, weed people who smoke are an elevated, imaginative lot and at all times give you artful options. The reply usually arises by returning to the plush, fruitful backyard that blessed us with the Green Goddess in the primary place: Mother Earth.

As a method to keep away from tobacco, joint rollers regularly mix non-toxic herbs with their weed to create finer, more healthy, extra satisfying smokes. But now a bunch of recent questions want to be answered: What are in these natural blends? What do they do and which of them work greatest? Is it true that catnip can get me excessive?  

If you’re inquisitive about rolling your individual natural blends, look no additional. MERRY JANE’s bought you lined. Duh!


Nepeta cataria, aka: catnip, is legendary for its fast-acting, unmistakably psychoactive results on felines. In truth, it really works so nicely that if you see a cat on catnip you might have to surprise, Does these things truly get Fluffy excessive? While mixing catnip in together with your hashish gained’t flip you right into a cat or get you majorly blitzed, the herb does ship clean, sedating results on people. It aids in releasing rigidity and amplifying leisure. 



Mild, lemony chamomile is acquainted to most of us in tea kind, the place it has confirmed to be a go-to elixir for calming nerves, soothing sore throats, and settling upset stomachs. Chamomile flowers develop ubiquitously in the wild, and include varied important oils and flavonoids which might be stated to contribute to general wellness and homeostasis. When rolled right into a joint of unpolluted hashish, chamomile ranges out the excessive whereas making certain deep leisure. It’s additionally protected sufficient to use in limitless quantities. So, roll away!



Loving weed may also help you see the sweetness in all weeds, like damiana, which provides sensual spice to your excessive. Loaded with terpenes, tannin, resins, and caffeine, damiana delivers a low-key, euphoric buzz by itself and has been employed for hundreds of years as an aphrodisiac in its homeland Mexico. Combined with marijuana’s means to intensify the senses, many damiana devotees spark it up as a method to assist issues get scorching in the bed room.



Have you ever questioned why weed pairs so nicely with beer? Perhaps it’s as a result of they each make you are feeling nice. Or possibly it’s as a result of they arrive from the Cannabaceae household.

Regardless, hops and hashish vegetation include myrcene, a terpene famend for assuaging anxiousness, elevating moods, and soothing the physique. No surprise quite a few brewers have created cannabis-infused beers. It additionally is smart that adventurous joint rollers add hops into their natural mixes for a fluid excessive that makes going with the circulate simpler than ever.



This lush, fragrant herb is plentiful in gardens everywhere in the planet. Lavender is a universally acknowledged therapeutic herb that has dozens of functions, from therapeutic burns to minimizing stress to bettering sleep to upgrading the expertise of smoking pot.

Like a number of strains of hashish, lavender possesses linalool, a terpene hailed for its anti-inflammatory qualities and talent to cut back rigidity. Beyond its nourishing taste, many stoners additionally credit score lavender with lowering harshness and easing throat pressure when smoking.   



Mullein is a flexible herb and blends nicely with sativa to improve focus, and indica to assist wind down. Either method, mullein burns clean, delivers a woodsy taste, and elicits a campfire aroma — immediately evoking recollections of standing in a circle and passing joints for the primary time.



As a cooking ingredient, rosemary is a style sensation. As a plant that comprises the terpene beta-caryophyllene (BCP), rosemary is a dream spice to pair with pot. It improves cognition, consciousness, and immune system capabilities, whereas additionally lowering an array of irritations. If you’re in search of a great way to get up and handle your mind, rosemary is a wonderful herb to do exactly that.



Burning sage as a cleaning ritual is an historical Native American custom. Burning sage as an additional ingredient in your weed can also be a transcendent apply that helps open minds, ease anxiousness, and cut back irritation. Because sage is so highly effective, a small quantity is all many people who smoke want to maximize its miraculous, cleaning results.


Yerba Mate

Yerba mate affords two big-time advantages when rolled with hashish: first, it’s a supply of ultra-clean power, which is why it’s a key ingredient in quite a few top quality teas; second, it tops tobacco when it comes to slowing the burn of your joint. Uplifting and eye-opening by itself, yerba mate goes particularly nicely with sativa and stands as a favourite amongst those that wake-and-bake.  

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