Fuck them, the system of legalization is nothing however a brand new system of prohibition. Pay the institutions extortion charges and also you’re allowed to develop however don’t and also you danger authorized penalties however you face authorized penalties anyway as a result of it’s nonetheless federally illegalz. But alcohol and tobacco are extra damaging to human well being and society than all unlawful medicine mixed.

The battle on medicine doesn’t maintain medicine off the road and it doesn’t maintain folks secure and it endangers the lives of childeren and all human beings. For no motive than to commoditize the human struggling of poor and marginalized folks for jail Industry income.

The battle on medicine / drug prohibition is extraordinarily unconstitutional and subsequently unlawful for a number of causes. First of it imposes the beliefs of temperance Puritanism and abstinence solely morality on American society which violates the primary modification blatantly. Also Who’s to say the assumption that every one thoughts altering molecules are a divine reward from some cosmic pan dimensional entities for human variety to domesticate harvest refine synthesize and eat at our discretion for no matter leisure non secular or medicinal functions we deem applicable is any much less legitimate than somebody’s perception in a misogynistic homophobic racist imaginary buddy who instigated tribal warfare and genocide for the higher a part of early recorded human historical past?

Then we’ve the flimsy idea of possible trigger and figuring out suspicious or prison habits which is rooted in profiling techniques dripping with socio-economic and racial discriminatory stereotypes and epithets. This individual had his automobile pulled over and in California and different stares they’ve concluded that the odor of hashish DOES NOT represent possible trigger for a search.

Then the largest constitutional violation moreover the primary is the violation of the 4th modification rights to bodily autonomy and privateness additionally supported by the due course of clause of the 14th modification which finally determined roe v wade amended by Casey.

And I’m not accomplished but! You have laws reminiscent of necessary minimal sentences and the crack cocaine disparity act which clearly violate our eight modification rights towards merciless and strange punishments in order that poor marginalized folks get their lives ruined and spend many years in jail for promoting medicine to consenting adults however Jeffery Epstein rapes a whole lot of childeren and serves 14 months with 72 hours weekly work launch after which a free cross to violate parole?

All these egregiously unlawful violations of our rights to life liberty and pursuit of happiness and they’re all constructed completely upon racism. Before the temperance motion lobbied to ban all consumption and handed the 18th modification which was then eradicated a decade or so later with the 21st modification which repealed alcohol prohibition (humorous there aren’t any constitutional amendments to ban medicine 🤔 perhaps that’s as a result of it’s utterly unconstitutional! The solely constitutional authority our authorities has imposing drug prohibition is throughout the commerce clause and its paper skinny) earlier than all that opium derivatives in addition to cocaine and amphetamines have been generally used inside elite and socialite circles. But then the attitudes of white Anglo Saxon Protestantism and white supremacy which have at all times been predominant forces in American tradition, determined to demonize these medicine utilizing racist propaganda and it started with marijuana and Henry anslinger our first marijuana prohibition official stated issues reminiscent of “smoking marijuana makes darkies think they are as good as whites” and that “smoking marijuana makes white women seek sexual relations with African american men” after which these beliefs of bigotry went to ostracize the oriental immigrant group with opium consumption and native indigenous Texans and southwest Latin Americans with hashish and cocaine and once more African Americans have been used to demonize cocaine consumption as properly. So anybody who thinks they’ve the correct to dictate what folks put in their our bodies and upholds the restriction of particular commodities whereas upholding a system that permits companies to pollute our total planet and ecosystem freely is simply nothing however the delusionally accepted mass conditioning of ignorance. If you assume you’re higher than somebody since you don’t eat a particular thoughts altering substance you’re a dumb bigot and don’t need to have any say in how different folks dwell their lives. Bodily autonomy privateness and freedom of perception are fairly fundamental ideas and so they apply to drug use anybody who can’t rationalize that has an IQ under common at finest.

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