British Columbia’s authorized hashish shops are about to get some gentle inside. Last Thursday, the Attorney General’s workplace stated hashish retailers are now not required to cowl their home windows, and that each one hashish retail workers might want to full a brand new responsible-service coaching program known as Selling it Right by the autumn. 

“These are great steps for progress for cannabis in general and for helping fight the stigma associated with it,”

These modifications don’t apply to the regulated medical hashish trade. 

“These changes underline our government’s efforts to be flexible in the rules governing the legal cannabis industry as we gather more experience in a regulated market,” Attorney General David Eby stated in a statement. “These changes will help employees feel safer while at work and ensure cannabis workers will be thoroughly trained to be safe, smart and socially responsible in their jobs.”

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Under new guidelines by the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch, retailers can have clear home windows however can not have leisure hashish merchandise, packages or labels seen from the road. 

Clear home windows will enable retailer house owners to arrange their house in a means that protects minors from seeing hashish, as per the Cannabis Act, whereas additionally rising  safety for retail workers, the federal government stated. 

When shops have clear home windows it’s safer for each workers and other people buying within the retailer, Muse Cannabis president Geoff Dear stated. With coated home windows criminals can come within the retailer, lock the door and rob the place. But with uncovered home windows there’s a clear line of sight out and in of the shop which improves security, he stated.

“These are great steps for progress for cannabis in general and for helping fight the stigma associated with it,” Dear stated.

“The government saying, ‘Hey, you can have clear windows,’ means we’re starting to get treated like a normal, legal business instead of having to hide. It’s so beneficial because people want to come in and shop but if they don’t know what you sell or who you are — it doesn’t make us look good, it makes you look like a porno store.”

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