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Despite the truth that REM sleep is restorative and has been linked to reminiscence retention, there are a couple of advantages to skipping out on it. The foremost one being fewer nightmares, which is nice information for PTSD sufferers. Nightmares, or night time terrors, can forestall folks from reaching a restful sleep, which may then have profound results on waking behaviour, corresponding to temper modifications, bother concentrating, low intercourse drive, weight achieve and immune system suppression.

Pot’s dream-diminishing results are extraordinarily useful for individuals who endure from nightmares and/or insomnia.

But there are a couple of downsides to a shorter REM cycle. For one factor, the REM cycle serves an necessary objective within the sleep cycle by offering a psychological “reboot” of kinds. By smoking marijuana, which suppresses REM sleep, you’re limiting the optimistic impact of this reboot. It’s additionally necessary to know that the REM section is commonly the place our brains are after we get up. By reducing this section, you might be more likely to get up in the course of the deep sleep stage, which can lead to a groggy morning for you.

However, research present that other than some elevated problem retaining data, an absence of REM sleep has little influence on our daytime behaviours, signs and general well being.

If you’re fearful about lacking out in your desires, there’s a easy answer. “There is a ‘rebound’ period of high-REM sleep after cannabinoid therapies are discontinued,” says the My Health Freedom staff. REM rebound happens if you’ve been disadvantaged of REM sleep. “If someone’s been up all night, for whatever reason, the next night the person will catch up on whatever sleep they missed,” says Lee. If there was no sleep, a precedence will probably be positioned on NREM sleep. But should you cheefed one too many doobers, handed out, and missed out on all of your REM, your subsequent sober night time is prone to be a bizarre one.

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