Are you prepared for a visit outer house? Because that’s what sunrocks and moonrocks are all about. If you smoke a blunt or joint, you may typically go as excessive as a kite, however moonrocks and solar rocks ship you on a visit proper by way of the environment! These extraterrestrial hashish delicacies are made by rolling hashish buds by way of the oil and then making use of a layer of kief (weed mud). The results are insane. You go actually arduous on these infants!

Potheads are at all times in search of new methods to get extra out of their weed. They are at all times in search of new methods to improve their current flower tops and present them with a better THC content material. One of the options is to make MoonRocks or SunRocks. How does that work? We will clarify that in a second. And then additionally, you will see that you could make it fairly simply by your self. Oh sure, and we’ll clarify one thing else to you. Namely, that these extraterrestrial delicacies are extraordinarily highly effective. This one is a warning!

With moonrocks, you’re launched on to the moon and it should take a very long time earlier than you get your toes again on planet earth. Few concentrates are that robust. So know what you’re beginning! Even hashish connoisseur and rapper Snoop Dog has stated in an interview that he thinks moonrocks are too robust. And everyone knows, Snoop has the expertise to know so.

About MoonRocks

Moonrocks are weed buds which might be lined with a layer of hashish oil. BHO (Butane Hashish Oil) is commonly used, or a kind of liquid wax focus. The oil-sprinkled bud is then dipped or rolled within the Kief (weed mud). Compare it with a scrumptious hen nugget! Different forms of hashish buds and liquid concentrates can be utilized to make a moon rock. It depends upon the specified style and energy. If you set this house nugget in your pipe and gentle it, you will land on the moon in a matter of seconds.

What about sunrocks?

Why sunrocks? Because it could possibly at all times be higher and extra particular and approach stronger! A sunrocks is similar as a moonrock, however solely first-class merchandise are used. Sunrocks are high-quality moonrocks. Usually, they’re additionally stronger in impact, however that’s not obligatory. The expertise is totally different as a result of you already know that you’re coping with the very best of the very best. A solar rock is made similar to a moonrock, by overlaying a prime with focus and then sprinkling it with Kief.

The solar rocks from Apollo from California are very fashionable. OG Kush is often used for the buds. And these are dipped in a high-quality hashish focus, and after that, it’s completed with a thick layer of Kief. How robust they’re? Don’t freak out. Better sit down for a second. Are you prepared for it? These spacy rocks have THC percentages of 60 to 80%. Yes, you understood appropriately: 80%. That is astronomically excessive and approach an excessive amount of for the common stoner.

Have you ever been on a visit to the moon?

Want to make a moonrock your self? Use OG Kush

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