There are a few choices when it comes to consuming marijuana, and these are sometimes categorized underneath both smoking or consuming. Some individuals choose smoking marijuana, others choose consuming it. Depending in your expertise with marijuana, you most likely know why you favor to devour it the manner you do. Still, there are some individuals who don’t know the distinction between the two and don’t actually care so long as they profit at the finish of the day. 

But it is good to know the way these two methods of consuming marijuana, and the results of every of them. Preference could also be based mostly on well being results, energy, and worth, and so on, so the greatest manner is merely what you discover handy sufficient for you. 

There are just a few variations between how the two strategies work, under is a fast breakdown.

Metabolism and Absorption

When you smoke marijuana, it doesn’t get absorbed the similar manner it does once you eat it. When you smoke it, tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) is instantly absorbed into the mind. This is why smoking marijuana has a faster impact than consuming it. Also, whereas it takes impact virtually instantly, the feeling won’t keep for a really lengthy interval.

On the different hand, once you eat marijuana edibles, the THC will get absorbed otherwise. It is metabolized in the liver the place it is became 11-hydroxy-THC, which is a psychoactive metabolite. As a end result, it offers off a gradual lasting impact in comparison to smoking marijuana.

Dosing Differences

You will probably over-indulge on an edible than when smoking marijuana. This is since you can not actually inform how a lot THC you might be consuming via an edible. You will really feel the impact quicker when smoking marijuana, so you may dose as wanted. While edibles take longer to take impact than smoking, you would possibly end up consuming extra to fasten the course of. 

The normal dose for THC is 10 milligrams in most authorized markets, and this is the measurement utilized in labs when testing completely different marijuana merchandise. This offers off a light impact of the THC, so dosage could also be kind of relying in your tolerance and the form of expertise you need.

Onset Time

There is additionally a distinction between the time that it takes for edible and smoked marijuana to kick in. When you smoke marijuana, you’ll most likely begin to really feel the impact after about 10 to 20 minutes, however edible marijuana will take longer, usually between 30 minutes to up to 2hours. So in case you choose edible hashish, don’t push it, particularly if you’re not used to it. The THC will finally be absorbed and the results will slowly kick in. 

As there are variations between smoking and consuming marijuana, the two even have their very own execs and cons. Let’s begin with the execs and cons of smoking marijuana.



One of the explanation why individuals choose smoking marijuana is that it is cheaper than edibles. In truth, what you’ll get for $20 of smoking would final thrice greater than what you’ll get for an edible.

Gets You High Faster

Another benefit of smoking marijuana is as a result of you’ll really feel the results quicker than edibles. With smoking, the THC is absorbed in the lungs and will get to the mind quicker than when eaten, therefore takes a shorter time to take impact. 


Short Duration of Experience

While smoking marijuana would possibly get you excessive quicker, the impact doesn’t final for lengthy. This explains why individuals who take marijuana for medicinal advantages choose edibles to smoking it. 

Negative Health Effects

Smoking marijuana may also long run well being results than in comparison to edibles. The results of smoking marijuana can both be carcinogenic or poisonous, which is why individuals choose different different strategies.

Pros and Cons of Edible Cannabis

Edible hashish additionally has just a few execs and cons defined under.


No Smell

Smoking marijuana leaves a lingering scent, however edibles haven’t any scent in any respect. This implies that even for states with very strict marijuana legal guidelines, you may at all times carry your edibles and revel in them in public with out breaking any guidelines. 

Long-lasting form of High

Edible hashish might take longer to kick in, and the excessive may not be intense however it should final manner longer than that you just get from smoking. Smoking offers you an intense form of excessive that is short-lived, however the results of edibles final for an extended time.


Hard to Manage

Edibles are exhausting to handle, and earlier than getting the measurements proper, you’ll find your self both taking an excessive amount of and find yourself having a somewhat disagreeable expertise, or you’ll take too little to really feel the form of excessive you anticipated. If it’s your first time, we advocate making an attempt them at house. Just so that you’re not tempted to eat them whereas out, we advocate getting your edibles delivered

Which One is Best?

This will rely upon the particular person. Some individuals choose a quicker and extra intense impact than a slower and somewhat gradual one. Depending on the form of expertise you need, you may higher resolve what is greatest for you. But it is additionally good to keep in mind that there are different well being results related to smoking, so edibles could be greatest if you need a wholesome different. 


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