MCUA President, Deb Lynch, is humbled by assist proven by the hashish group this week after they rallied collectively to assist with value of essential medical doctors reviews wanted for proof in her upcoming listening to for hashish associated “crimes”. she says in a press launch printed 18 June 2020

CORRECTION: MCUA ex members together with HEMP get together members & others from the hashish group right here in Qld, banded collectively to kind the Legalise Cannabis Qld get together NOT formally by the MCUA

“I was overwhelmed by the support shown by MCUA members and other cannabis law reform supporters who dug deep to donate. Within 18 hours of posting the fund-raiser on Facebook, it had raised $2850.”
Deb will discover out on the finish of July when her listening to date will likely be set.

“There is so much support for cannabis law reform in this state” stated Ms Lynch, “that plans are in motion to form a minor party that will field candidates in the upcoming election. The govt fobbed off our petition earlier this year with over 13,000 signatures, so the only thing we can do now, is have a voice inside the parliament elected by the people.”

“We are aiming to register the Legalise Cannabis Queensland Party before the election, but its a very big ask. We need 500 signed up members to meet the requirements of registering the Party by the end of June. So If you are one of the 13000 people who signed the petition, to legalise cannabis in Queensland, we urge you to join online.” stated Ms Lynch.

A steering committee has been elected from advocates to begin the method. Well identified educational, writer and very long time hashish activist Dr John Jiggens was elected president of the steering committee earlier this week. Dr Jiggens will likely be standing as a candidate for South Brisbane. There are already a number of individuals eager to nominate in different electoral districts, together with Ms Lynch, who will likely be nominating as a candidate for Mermaid Beach within the upcoming election.

“Deb Lynch is not a criminal. She is a person who has a very serious illness. For the state to drag people like Deb through the legal system is a criminal waste of money. It lays an enormous stress on an ill person,” stated Dr Jiggens.

“According to the Queensland Productivity Commission (the QPC) we spend $500 million annually on drug law enforcement. We are filling the jails with people who should never be there. Our prison population is expanding rapidly and our prisons are operating at 130% of capacity. As a consequence, we are faced with building two new prisons at a cost of $3.6 billion over the next five years to house the expanding prison population, while pharmaceutical companies profit from our illnesses. We must act to end this cruel farce now!”

Any one concerned with extra info can register on the Party’s web site to obtain our newsletters.

We even have a Facebook group by the identical identify.

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