LISBON, PortugalJune 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — AceCann, a Portuguese medical hashish firm targeted on the cultivation, processing, extraction and R&D of natural medical hashish, has achieved a vital milestone by receiving from Infarmed I.P. (Portuguese Health Authority) a pre-license for the cultivation, import and export of medical hashish, which permits AceCann to maneuver forward with website building.

After thorough analysis of its marketing strategy, AceCann has obtained clear recognition of the excessive requirements and high quality of its undertaking. With a workforce of skilled professionals in natural medical hashish cultivation and processing, GMP manufacturing and pharmaceutical go-to-market technique, AceCann is competitively positioned within the world hashish business. “This is the result of more than one year of hard work by an exceptional team, developing an ambitious but realistic project,” stated Pedro Gomes, CEO of AceCann. “Team members are simultaneously investors, thus all highly committed in the development of a sustainable business model. Applying lessons learned from other startups in the cannabis industry, we want to start small and scale the business in alignment with the European market’s growth.”

With a singular natural indoor cultivation method, AceCann needs to disrupt the European market with its prime quality medicinal merchandise, making the most effective use of its workforce’s expertise in designing and implementing profitable advertising methods for various merchandise segments inside the pharmaceutical business. “We believe that in this industry’s infancy stage, teaching healthcare professionals about the benefits of medical cannabis, while working hand-in-hand to collect additional clinical information, is critical to overcome the partial lack of confidence and credibility this market still has in Europe,” added Gomes.

AceCann has common contacts with distributors throughout Europe and has signed a number of letters of intent, overlaying considerably extra amount than its future manufacturing capability. Pedro Gomes added: “We will use our thorough pharmaceutical go-to-market experience to ensure that our high-quality products will be available to all patients that need them, that is AceCann’s raison d’être.

AceCann will now give attention to the development of its website close to Lisbon as soon as it finalizes the current funding spherical: “After securing early stage funding with co-founders and management’s team, we expect to close a Series A early this summer,” referred Luis Abreu, CFO. “Following cost saving principles with a frugal structure since day one, we are committed to securing both equity and debt funding before moving ahead with construction.”

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