As the worry of contracting COVID-19 rises, hashish customers need to elevate their security precautions wherever they’ll. From utilizing each final drop of your isopropyl alcohol resolution to utilizing a pipe mouthpiece when sharing your gear with others, we at the moment are residing in a post-coronavirus society the place micro organism contamination is on the high of our minds.

Germs are all over the place. They’re unavoidable, however don’t freak out; they’re a completely regular a part of residing and your immune system will shield you from most of them. However, there’s a urgent germ concern distinctive to the hashish neighborhood: group consumption of pipes and joints.

Researchers say that the typical hashish smoking system accommodates practically 50 % extra micro organism than a public bathroom seat and 90 % greater than a rubbish dumpster.

The cause for that is the tendency for bongs to be shared round a variety of individuals with a variety of oral hygiene requirements.


The report concluded that every particular person ought to use a mouthpiece when consuming. The findings assist utilizing a product like a disposable or washable mouthpiece with a filter.

“It really is just absolutely horrifying,” Rush mentioned concerning the findings. “I almost feel bad telling people, but would you rather be informed and upset or uninformed and blissfully ignorant?”

To forestall germs, we recommends washing your palms earlier than and after smoking, cleansing your bong with boiling water after every use, and wiping it dry. If you’re going to smoke with a big group of buddies, have a mouthpiece or some sanitary wipes on you, that means limiting your contact with micro organism.

Christopher Carrubba, MD defined why hashish consumption units can turn into so contaminated. He cited biofilm formation because the trigger. “Marijuana itself can be a host to numerous bacterial and fungal organisms and contaminated bong water can similarly serve as a host for bacteria, candida, and other types of fungi,” he mentioned.

“As these organisms grow, they secrete substances that allow them to cling to certain physical objects such as plastic or glass within a bong. The accumulation of these secretions leads to the formation of a biofilm that serves to protect these organisms and to facilitate their ongoing proliferation.”

Dr. Carrubba went on to notice that biofilms are resistant to plain cleansing options and antimicrobial brokers: “Once a biofilm forms, bacterial and fungal contaminants may persist even after a basic washing of the bong.”

He added that among the extra widespread microbial organisms and their potential dangers embody:

  • Aspergillosis — When burned, the fungal organism aspergillosis releases mycotoxins that may collect in bong water and be inhaled afterward. This can doubtlessly trigger a cough or chest ache and might result in pulmonary illness.
  • Pseudomonas — This bacterial organism could cause acute pneumonia and sepsis. It is tough to deal with, usually requiring antimicrobial remedy for lengthy durations.
  • Flavobacterium — This micro organism is present in sources of stagnant water like an unclean bong. An an infection can result in pulmonary signs and diarrhea.
  • Streptococcus species — A typical micro organism often discovered on the pores and skin and within the oral and respiratory tract. It is chargeable for infections akin to strep throat, pneumonia, ear infections and different disagreeable medical outcomes.
  • E. coli — E. coli can be discovered within the hashish plant, in addition to human and animal feces. Exposure to E. coli can flip into signs, together with diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.

There was as soon as a time when marijuana wasn’t as available as it’s at present. So beggars couldn’t be choosers.

If there was a joint or a bong being handed round and also you wished to catch a bit buzz, there was no different choice however to leap contained in the stoner soiree and swap spit with a bunch of individuals that might have had leprosy for all you already know.

But these days, the hashish business is producing a wide range of pot merchandise that make sure the stoner class by no means has to take a success after one other smoker once more.

But they don’t.

During this pandemic, humanity as an entire is speeding to develop immunity. We are enjoying a catch-up sport with the virus that’s spreading simply by sneezes, coughs, and different types of contamination. Avoiding the unfold of micro organism isn’t simply essential on your well being but in addition for the well being of others and our financial future. Even when the coronavirus pandemic has reached manageable ranges, it’ll be essential to remain on high of avoiding micro organism and viruses. There are some ways marijuana customers can shield themselves round coronavirus and high-risk environments.

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