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With a title steeped in biblical historical past and historic Jewish dietary legal guidelines, Kosher Kush might appear to be specialty hashish only for devotees of Kabbalah and the Talmud. Don’t fear, although, the Kosher Kush religion is open to all who search or, on this case, smoke it.

Like kosher meals favorites reminiscent of bagels, brisket, and pickles plucked from large barrels of brine, Kosher Kush is a deal with out there to everybody. Also, like matza, the pressure is extremely prone to make you a convert to its divine sensations.

Kosher Kush has gained a number of Cannabis Cup trophies and continues to transform tokers into true believers throughout God’s inexperienced earth. So listed below are some Kosher Kush inquiries to which the rabbinical reefer group at MERRY JANE is blessed to have the ability to present with solutions.

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Why Is the Strain Called Kosher Kush?

On the one hand, lets say Kosher Kush got here by its moniker by being the primary industrial hashish pressure on file to really be blessed by a rabbi.

However, earlier than any clergy member formally anointed the current incarnation of Kosher Kush, the indica-dominant pressure of unknown lineage initially developed a following within the Los Angeles space below the moniker “Jew Gold.” Given the inherent harshness of such a nickname, let’s thank the Green Goddess that the cultivators at Reserva Privada (itself a sub-division of DNA Genetics) subsequently rebranded it as Kosher Kush.


So Is Kosher Kush Actually Kosher?

The rabbi’s blessing provides a bit of dope divinity to Kosher Kush, however that alone doesn’t make the weed correctly kosher.

As a non secular time period, “kosher” refers to meals ready utilizing express biblical pointers. In informal dialog, although, “kosher” has come to imply something good, pure, righteous. So within the latter sense, Kosher Kush greater than ably earns its moniker.

That acknowledged, Judaism’s ritual connections to marijuana date again hundreds of years. According to biblical students, the Hebrew phrase “kaneh bosm” — thought of to imply “cannabis”—seems 5 instances within the authentic textual content of the Old Testament.

Check out these two potent examples of pot’s presence within the Good Book: Exodus 30: 23-15 incorporates a hashish oil recipe utilized by Moses and, in Isaiah 43:24, God himself rages, “You have not bought any fragrant calamus [cannabis] for me, or lavished on me the fat of your sacrifices!”

In the context of bodily historical past, Israeli archaeologists lately unearthed proof of burnt ritual hashish within the ruins of a 2,700-year-old Jewish temple. Their report concluded, “It seems feasible to suggest that the use of cannabis on the Arad altar had a deliberate psychoactive role.”

Another tie to kosher meals is that Kosher Kush is revered for its taste — an earthy, lip-smacking mixture of pine, citrus, and spices. Oy, that’s scrumptious!  

What Are the Effects of Kosher Kush and Will I See God?

While nobody can specify who (or what) you may encounter after firing up a bowl of Kosher Kush, we will proclaim forthrightly that this massively indica-heavy pressure packs a godly wallop. On the low finish, it’s identified to clock in at 20 % THC, with some checks and reviewers putting the THC content material at even higher levels (and the important thing phrase there’s “higher”). 

Kosher Kush hits exhausting with a probably overwhelming influence of total mind and body relaxation. As such, it’s beneficial for use at evening, or a minimum of at a correct time and in a mellow setting the place “couch-lock” is a particular and fascinating potential final result.

Can Kosher Kush Perform Marijuana Miracles? 

“Miracles” aren’t ours to name. Medical marijuana sources, nevertheless, report that Kosher Kush has confirmed remarkably efficient in addressing points of nervousness, stress, pressure, and, maybe above all, insomnia. Numerous customers additionally report that Kosher Kush resulted in them having fun with a nice stretch of peaceable sleep after imbibing. 


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Is Kosher Kush Related to Any Other Strains?  

Indeed, Kosher Kush has adhered to the biblical route to be fruitful and multiply. Kosher Kush has gone on to generate hybrids that embody Family Jewels, Miss USA, and Nicole Kush. Now do your self a marijuana mitzvah and get your fingers on this holy herb the subsequent time you go to a dispensary. 

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