If you’ve ever touched a hashish bud, you realize that the plant is very sticky. That stickiness is hashish resin.

Similar to sap produced by timber, hashish resin is a gooey plant byproduct. Unlike sap, hashish resin is contained by fatty buildings referred to as trichomes.

In distinction, tree sap is full of a better quantity of sugar and is liquid in nature. Cannabis resin types crystal-like buildings that could be tough to separate from the inexperienced plant materials.

Resin is produced by numerous components of the plant, however it is most closely focused on the buds of unpollinated feminine hashish flowers. Female crops are grown and harvested for his or her resin, which is thought-about probably the most invaluable a part of the plant.

The marijuana plant is able to producing greater than 400 totally different chemical compounds. Many of them are discovered within the gooey resin it produces. In truth, the first psychoactive within the herb, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is contained in hashish resin.

Flavonoids and terpenoids, that are taste and aroma molecules, are additionally current in resin. This makes resin one of the crucial aromatic and medicinally invaluable components of the hashish plant, and that’s why the wax for dabs is very talked-about lately.

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