Harvesting is likely one of the most essential steps to rising potent marijuana for medical illnesses. It will take time and persistence. If harvested too early and dried incorrectly, the marijuana could also be weak, too moist and presumably moldy, or too dry. It varies.

That’s why it’s essential to know when to harvest your marijuana vegetation. Usually, the very best time is when the hairs in your marijuana vegetation are turning white to a reddish-brown. Once about 50% of the hairs have modified colour, it’s time to begin harvesting.

About per week or two earlier than you intend to truly reduce the vegetation, cease fertilizing the vegetation. It will assist flush out the chemical compounds. A number of days beforehand, cease watering the plant.

This half is sort of easy: take sharp scissors and reduce the plant under the place leafs department off. Do this in batches, amassing a good quantity every time. Then discover someplace comfy, as a result of the trimming course of can take some time.

Using sharp scissors, reduce off leaves from the buds. Save all trimmings, as a result of you may use them to make hash and edibles afterwards, since they do have THC trichomes. You can depart stems connected to the buds, particularly if you’re planning to cling-dry the marijuana.

Once trimmed, it’s time to set the buds up for drying. There are two methods: discover a approach to stack the nugs with out them overlapping (like in this 8-tiered hanging rack) or tie/clip the stems to a rod in a closet. You’ll need them to dry in a darker space in order that the THC content material isn’t affected by the sunshine.

After 2-three weeks, take away the buds and reduce off stems. You’ll need to retailer them someplace that can stop mould progress, like in a canning jar with a good lid. Check your jars persistently to look at moisture content material, and hold them in a darkish space. After a month of curing, it’s protected to switch the marijuana nugs into different storage locations.

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