A sold-out crowd attended the Pennsylvania Hemp Summit this previous Tuesday in downtown Lancaster. A various set of attendees, together with farmers, entrepreneurs and federal and state regulators, met over the day-long occasion to debate the alternatives and challenges of hemp legalization. Here are some highlights from the occasion.

Photo by Joe Gurreri

Booths, galore! Numerous advocacy teams arrange cubicles all through the conference middle. Pictured right here: Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture

PA Hemp Summit Panel

Photo by Joe Gurreri

The panel “Know Before You Grow: Your Checklist to Success” kicked off the occasion. Panelists lined every part a hemp farmer must know from seed to sale.

Dr. Alyssa Collins

Dr. Alyssa Collins Photo by Joe Gurreri

“It’s not a new crop; it’s just new to us. There is a lot of other baggage that comes along with this crop that we have got to work through in conjunction with also trying to help farmers figure it out.” – Alyssa Collins, Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Research Associate and Director at Penn State University Southeast Agricultural Research & Extension Center


Ben Davies, Wild Fox Provisions 

Ben Davies Photo by Joe Gurreri

It’s an exciting place to be as a farmer right now.  We have seen a lot of saturation in the market vegetable growing and pasture-raising…so we were kind of looking for another option.” –Ben Davies, Wild Fox Provisions


Ryan Dohm of Groff North America speaking at PA Hemp Summit

Ryan Dohm Photo by Joe Gurreri

“It takes large scale hemp farming to bring bio-plastics to life: different composite materials, soil remediation on a large scale, CO2 absorption. This is all done by farming millions of acres of hemp and that can only be done on a large mechanized method.” – Ryan Dohm, Groff North America


Laura Pottorff Speaking at PA Hemp Summit

Laura Pottorff Photo by Joe Gurreri

“In Colorado, we have 13 varieties of certified seed that are available or will be becoming available. Seed certification is a process that takes many, many years to accomplish and so some of these varieties will be becoming available as time goes on. You can see that they are mostly for fiber, grain or dual-use. None for CBD at this point.” –Laura Pottorff, Colorado Department of Agriculture


industrial hemp products

Photo by Joe Gurreri

Companies confirmed off practical-use, industrial hemp merchandise comparable to residence insulation.

Hempcrete at the PA Hemp Summit

Photo by Joe Gurreri

Game-Changer: Hempcrete could also be one of essentially the most disruptive materials applied sciences to return from the hemp trade.

Panel audience at PA Hemp Summit

Photo by Joe Gurreri

One of the most well-liked panels of the day at Pennsylvania Hemp Summit, “The Future of Retailing Hemp Products,” featured attorneys who specialise in enterprise and compliance for the hemp retail house.

Seth Goldberg, Duane Morris Law Firm speaks at PA Hemp Summit

Seth Goldberg Photo by Joe Gurreri

“If a manufacturer of CBD products is putting on its label things like treats Alzheimer’s, cures cancer, will put you to sleep, fixes insomnia — anything that’s a health claim is really within the crosshairs of the FDA. The FDA can’t go after everybody and you see these products all over the place, so it’s picking and choosing.” –Seth Goldberg, Duane Morris Law Firm, Philadelphia


David Landau speaks at the PA Hemp Summit

David Landau Photo by Joe Gurreri

“If you pay attention in the next couple weeks to what Congress is doing, the FDA may be directed to move at a much faster pace..the FDA is saying one thing and CBD products are everywhere, so the status quo is not really acceptable to anybody right now.” –David Landau, Duane Morris Law Firm, Philadelphia


CBD Flower at PA Hemp Summit

Photo by Joe Gurreri

Pennsylvania-grown CBD Buds had been one of the highlights of the occasion. The CBD Buds look equivalent to marijuana however comprise lower than 0.3% THC.

CBD Flower Samples at PA Hemp Summit

Photo by Joe Gurreri

They even have particular person strains for a selection of flavors to pattern!

Farmers Market selling CBD buds

Photo by Joe Gurreri

Companies promoting CBD Flower are gearing as much as convey their product to farmer’s markets nationwide.

Regulatory Landscape for 2020 featuring EPA and USDA

Photo by Joe Gurreri

Featuring federal regulators from Washington D.C., “Regulatory Landscape for 2020” was a controversial affair, with panelists bearing on the massive points surrounding the CBD increase. 

Fiona Pexton, USDA Agricultural Marketing Service speaks at PA Hemp Summit

Fiona Pexton Photo by Joe Gurreri

We have quality, grading and inspection services. We have market news which keeps up-to-date data on most agricultural commodities. We provide research and promotion board oversight that use user-fee funds for research and promotion, and we have commodity purchasing programs which [sic] purchase commodities for school lunches and food banks. We hope the hemp industry, just like any other industry, can use these USDA services to create economic opportunities.” –Fiona Pexton, USDA Agricultural Marketing Service


Ed Messina of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency speaks at PA Hemp Summit

Ed Messina Photo by Joe Gurreri

“We recognize this is an important crop to the American economy and we’re going to apply the best science available in making our regulatory decisions. We’re committed to strong engagement with all our stakeholders, our registrants, our chemical companies, the various federal parts of the agency governments and the states.” –Ed Messina, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 

The Pennsylvania Hemp Summit was a success. It linked key gamers within the hemp trade and began a dialogue between the personal sector and authorities regulators. Still, attendees acknowledge that there’s extra work to be carried out. 

As the demand for hemp-derived merchandise grows, all events, from authorities to enterprise to agriculture, have a duty to steadiness innovation and security on this rapidly-growing trade.

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