Section 17200 of the California Business and Professions Code consists of 5 definitions of unfair competitors: (1) an illegal enterprise act or apply; (2) an unfair enterprise act or apply; (3) a fraudulent enterprise act or apply; (4) unfair, misleading, unfaithful, or deceptive promoting; or (5) any act prohibited by Sections 17500-17577.5.

Section 17203 permits the courtroom to order injunctions and different equitable defenses to forestall the unfair competitors.

Unfair and deceptive promoting falls underneath the prohibitions of this unfair competitors regulation in California as a result of the unlicensed  use of a trademark of one other could deceive clients.

Many in search of to make use of their mark to convey the message of high quality to their clients could be well-advised to look into the myriad of methods of imposing their unregistered trademark.

The corollary underneath Federal Law is the Lanham Act.  If your competitor is out of state, we will examine the use of the Lanham Act to stem the tide of unfair competitors, and significantly misleading promoting, nationwide.

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