Picture this: you’ve purchased the very best cannabis seeds and are prepared to see your plants flourishing properly instantly after cultivation.

Taking care of your cannabis plants entails a myriad of issues. Still, every of them performs a crucial function in figuring out the character of the mature marijuana plant and the general yields. 

Among the most typical strategies and which you in all probability know contains the coaching and pruning of cannabis strains. 

This day, you’re going to familiarize your self with a special terminology and know far more about it to everything. Without additional ado, let’s have a look at…

What is lollipopping?

Lollipopping is an analytical method that entails pruning cannabis plants, and ideally these planted indoors to provide you with higher yields. Under most circumstances, this pruning technique will get carried out to eradicate the marijuana plant elements that obtain the least quantities of sunshine. 

Less gentle typically interprets to decrease yields in the long term. That mentioned, the flowering part is the perfect time to introduce lollipopping. Most established marijuana growers declare that two weeks into flowering is the proper time to introduce lollipopping. 

The essential motive for conducting lollipopping is making certain that the cannabis plants have a tendency to focus numerous vitality on the buds. After this sort of pruning will get completed, the cannabis plants have a tendency to seem as lollipops, and thus, the identify lollipopping to imply this exercise. 

Any cannabis pressure can get lollipopped. Whereas some favor to lollipop Indica-dominant strains due to their nice one central kola, different growers swear by lollipopping Sativa and Hybrid strains. Either manner, the lollipopped strains give superb outcomes. 

Other phrases for lollipopping

Some phrases that may get used to males lollipopping at present embody trimming and pruning. This is so as a result of lollipopping entails the trimming or pruning the underside branches of cannabis to permit for sufficient gentle penetration and higher formation of buds.

Does lollipopping your cannabis plant enhance the yield?

Absolutely! When the decrease progress will get faraway from the cannabis plants, there’s the promotion of higher improvement of buds. Of course, when the buds have a tendency to develop absolutely, one factor is bound – the general yields might be excessive. 

Secondly, lollipopping introduces the strains to ample gentle. Now that the flowering stage will get absolutely enhanced when there’s ample gentle, there’s the sanctioning of optimum improvement of the flowers and the betterment of the plant. This, in flip, leads to elevated yields. 

Thirdly, eliminating the fuzzy progress on the decrease facet of the plants helps in making certain that there’s free air circulation, thus, making certain that molds and micro organism don’t have an effect on the plants and yields normally. 

What is the very best time to lollipop a cannabis plant?

As beforehand talked about, the very best time to lollipop a cannabis plant is 2 weeks earlier than the flowering part kicks in. That is throughout the vegetative stage. This not solely helps in upping the yields but in addition making certain that the plants are in the very best type. 

Two weeks is such a very good time that the plants can adapt to the shock they’ve been subjected to earlier than stepping into flowering. 

You might, nonetheless, be questioning whether or not they might be any unfavourable affect about lollipopping a plant after the vegetative stage has kicked in. Well, it’s crucial to be certain that the plants do not undergo from the strain of any type since adapting might take quite a lot of time. 

However, supplied the marijuana grower does the primal lollipopping work throughout the vegetative phase, they’ll do some important touch-ups throughout the flowering stage. This contains, however not restricted to, pruning some branches and eradicating some undesirable buds.

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The totally different lollipopping strategies

With the above factors in thoughts, chances are you’ll be curious to know the way to lollipop cannabis plants. Let us now see how one can make this course of successful.

  1. The top-down method

This lollipopping methodology usually entails eradicating all of the decrease progress from a cannabis plant, to be left with the stem of the plant that will get topped by up to two monumental kolas. It is a comparatively easy technique as a result of it usually entails selecting a single level, ideally 4 nodes from the cannabis plant’s rising tip. 

You can, nonetheless, choose your most most well-liked level to make the cover start and take away the decrease progress from that very level. 

There aren’t any particular instruments required to necessitate this course of; thus, you should utilize the thumb to grasp the plant’s stem and the forefinger to take away the undesired facet shoots to the final chosen node. If you are feeling that utilizing fingers can result in deforming the stalk, then you definately will be positive to use a pointy pair of scissors or a razor blade.

As the identify suggests, you begin lollipopping by eradicating the undesirable shoots from high to the chosen bottom-most node. 

  1. The bottom-up method

Even although this technique is not widespread because the top-down method, some swear by it. It usually entails eradicating undesirable shoots from the popular backside node to the chosen a part of the stem to get a fascinating lollipopped plant.

You will be positive to eradicate the lateral branches which are such brief that they cannot type a superb high cover. Mostly most well-liked by those that favor utilizing the SCROG System, you’ve gotten to use a pointy pair of scissors or a pointy razor blade to take away the undesirable lateral, and brief branches that may’t type a very good lollipop form. 

In Summary: How to lollipop cannabis plants

As seen on this write-up, lollipopping cannabis is important. However, that may not to be the case, particularly when you do not take the trimmed cut-offs from the place the cannabis plants have gotten grown. 

Keeping these cuts close to the cannabis farms or develop medium might expose some plants to bud rot mold and micro organism infestation, thus rendering the lollipopping course of ineffective. 

It can also be price mentioning that the trimmed plants retain a canopy-like bud construction, in a horizontal view. For the very best rising and outcomes, the buds needs to be in considerably identical sizes and form. That mentioned, watchfulness is important.  


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