Markets, Policy & Outlook

Michael Carus
nova-Institut  10:00 Michael Carus
Conference Opening 10:15 Daniel Kruse
European Industrial Hemp Association 
Overview on EIHA and European Hemp Markets 10:45 Lorenza Romanese
European Industrial Hemp Association 
Overview on EIHA Policies on CBD, THC and extra 11:15 Martina Friedl
Deep Nature Project 
EU-Fundings – primary Introduction and Checklists

Agriculture & Processing

11:45 Mark Reinders
Cultivation, Harvesting and Total Crop Valuation 12:30 Rafael Dulon
Hemp Farming in Central Europe – Challenges and Chances
Abstract 13:00 Heinrich Wieker
Henry’s Hempharvester 
Development of Hemp Harvesting Equipment

Sustainability, Construction, Automotive and Packaging

13:30 Catherine Wilson
European Industrial Hemp Association 
Overview on EIHA Environmental Policy – Hemp Green Deal 14:00 Steve Allin
International Hemp Building Association 
The Potential of Utilising Hemp Building Materials to Address Climate Change
Abstract 14:30 Jean-Marie Bourgeois-Jacquet
Use of Hemp Fibres in Automotive Injected Moulding Applications
Abstract 15:00 Jeremiah Dutton
Hemp Fibre Biocomposites – Renewable Carbon Based Packaging

Markets, Policy & Outlook in North America

15:30 Ted Haney
Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (CHTA) 
Industrial Hemp: A Canadian Perspective
Abstract 16:00 Robert Hoban
Hoban Law Group 
Global Hemp – The State of the Supply Chain

Online Panel Discussion: Europe and America – Learning from Each Other and Cooperation?

Michael Carus
nova-Institut  16:30 Panelists:

  • Jason Finnis, Bast Fibre Technologies (CA)
  • Ted Haney, Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (CHTA) (CA)
  • Daniel Kruse, EIHA and Hempro Int. (DE)
  • Mark Reinders, EIHA and HempFlax (NL)
  • Lorenzo Rolim, Latin American Industrial Hemp Association (LAIHA) (BR)
  • Lorenza Romanese, EIHA (EU)
  • Rick Trojan, Hemp Industries Association (US)

Innovation Award

17:15 Michael Carus and Asta Partanen
Innovation Award „Hemp Product of the Year 2020“ 17:30 Evan Eadie
Hemp for Health 
Sponsor 17:45 Guillermo Moreno Sanz
Abagune Research 
Satibasque Cannabis Aromatic Bitter 18:00 Oliver Türk
AIM – Angewandte Innovative Materialien 
Hemp Biocomposite Mobile Phone Sleeve 18:15 Monika Brümmer
Cooperative ADRAR NOUH 
SUNIMPLANT 18:30 Heinrich Wieker
Henrys Hempharvester 
Development of Hemp Harvesting Equipment 18:45 Ina Sigmund
Sächsisches Textilforschungsinstitut 
Lyohemp[TM]-Knitwear – Innovative Textiles from Organically Grown Hemp 19:00 Vesa Kaakkuriniemi
Suomen Hampputuotteet Oy
Henri Hekanabo
Suomen Hampputuotteet Oy

Wild Blueberry Hemp Milk HPP

19:45 Online Voting & Award Ceremony

A Four Year Hemp-Project

20:00 Maren Krings
Maren Krings Photography / Center for Arts & Humanity 
A Four Year Documentary Project to Capture the Global Effects of Hemp Industries on Climate Change and Society

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