The use of marijuana for both medical or leisure functions is related to quite a few misconceptions and myths. There are hundreds of thousands of individuals all over the world who view weed as a harmful drug that results in a set of detrimental results upon a daily person. At the identical time, there are numerous proponents of leisure and medical weed that declare it to be a pure treatment for quite a few well being issues in addition to a innocent strategy to relieve stress and simply have time. If you ever smoked weed, you would possibly already know that it actually does make you are feeling higher and enable you to loosen up and have time.


A spread of myths surrounding weed are largely brought on by individuals’s lack of understanding of what marijuana is and the way it works. AskGrowers consultants take a more in-depth take a look at the problem of overdose on this article and attempt to debunk some of the commonest myths about marijuana and the likelihood of hashish overdose. We are going to delve deep into this situation and see whether or not you must concern weed, or perhaps it’s higher to make buddy of it.


Myth #1: You Can Die of Marijuana Overdose


Let’s get this one out of our backs first. You can not die of weed overdose, and there has by no means been a single case of individuals dying of smoking an excessive amount of weed. There’s actually no likelihood of you smoking a lot weed in a single go that you just simply overdose and die, so loosen up. But! There have been quite a few instances of individuals doing silly issues whereas excessive on weed, which led to them hurting themselves and even placing their lives into grave hazard.


Let’s be straight right here, in case you smoke weed, higher do it in a secure and acquainted setting so that you just don’t harm your self in any doable means. Marijuana modifications your notion of actuality to a level, relying on what form of weed you smoke and the way potent it’s, however in any case, it does change the way in which you understand the world round you. This distorted notion of actuality can shift your conduct in the direction of being much less rational, which may result in some harmful conditions. So, in case you smoke weed, it will be a good suggestion to simply keep the place you might be, take pleasure in your time, don’t do something dangerous, and simply loosen up. This means, you reduce the chance of getting harm. Remember, regardless of how assured you are feeling whereas excessive, you aren’t in your regular state of thoughts, and this could affect your choices and conduct.


Myth #2: You Can’t Overdose on Marijuana


Well, this one is a bit difficult. Have you ever heard of unhealthy journeys? Make no mistake, these are usually not enjoyable in any respect, and there’s an opportunity of having this sort of journey even on a small dose of weed, so it’s exhausting to inform whether or not you’ll be able to overdose on weed or it’s simply one thing that occurs as a result of of various factors that simply outcome on this form of destructive expertise. According to WeedMyths, you’ll be able to smoke a lot weed that you just simply go nuts and get all of these destructive hashish overdose signs like panic assaults, anxiousness, and even suicidal ideas.


On the opposite hand, there are experiences that state that folks can smoke lots of weed with out experiencing any destructive outcomes. So, the place does it come from? Not clear, and at this level, there are not any research that show the connection between the quantity of smoked weed and the likelihood of getting an overdose and a consequent unhealthy journey. On the opposite hand, it’d rely on the standard of weed, its pressure, efficiency, and your personal predisposition to depressive ideas and panic assaults. All of this could contribute to you having a really destructive expertise with the weed, so be cautious.


Myth #3: Weed Is Not Addictive


Let’s start with a easy indisputable fact that weed makes you are feeling good. That’s true, you are feeling relaxed, pleased, artistic, and simply typically nice. So why wouldn’t you need to really feel like that extra usually? That’s the place the issue lies for some individuals who can not management their needs, so that they begin to pursue no matter makes them really feel good. Smokers can develop a psychological dependancy, which may definitely produce a destructive impression on the standard of their lives. This is why marijuana customers can positively construct up an dependancy that may result in some significantly destructive outcomes.


Alright, at this level, some would possibly say that weed is an addictive drug, and that’s the reason it’s harmful. But let’s not neglect about things like alcohol, tobacco, espresso, and even sugar that too are addictive and dangerous to individuals in excessive doses, however there are usually not so many individuals saying we should always ban alcohol or espresso or tobacco. Most individuals don’t see these substances as dangerous or harmful, however of their essence, some of these is likely to be far more dangerous than weed.


You can say that weed is addictive, however so are most of the nice issues in life. Weed doesn’t trigger a physiological dependancy like heavy medicine similar to heroin or cocaine. Those varieties of substances impression the human physique on a big scale, inflicting extreme injury to a number of bodily capabilities. Heavy drug addicts have been reported to expertise seizures, extreme ache, inner bleeding, mind damages, paralysis, and of course, overdose and loss of life. These signs have by no means been reported amongst marijuana customers, so it isn’t as detrimental as some individuals would need you to imagine.

Myth #4: Holding Smoke in Your Lungs Enhances the Effect


This is a fantasy widespread among the many kids smoking weed who assume that the longer they maintain the smoke of their lungs, the higher the journey will probably be. This isn’t true. The THC contents of weed take up into people who smoke’ lungs instantly, and it is sufficient to simply inhale it for a pair of seconds and exhale with out holding the smoke in for much longer. More so, holding smoke in for too lengthy causes redundant injury to your lungs. Besides, it’s simply irritating and may trigger heavy and unsightly coughing, which is undesirable in any case.


Besides irritation and pointless stress you place your lungs beneath, holding your breath for too lengthy will increase your blood stress, which isn’t factor. It isn’t beneficial to carry the smoke in your lungs for a chronic interval of time because it doesn’t present any profit to you and doesn’t improve your excessive whereas producing injury upon your respiratory techniques. The smoke itself isn’t good for you, and retaining it inside for too lengthy makes it even worse.


Myth #5: Marijuana Smoke Causes Lung Cancer


This isn’t the parable however reasonably a press release that wants proving. There are not any definitive research proving that marijuana smoke is one way or the other associated to lung most cancers. As a lot as with marijuana overdoses, there’s simply not sufficient data for us to say something definitive right here, however we will nonetheless use primary logic and make an informed guess on whether or not hashish smoke can produce lung most cancers.


Alright, there’s a transparent connection between tobacco smoke and most cancers, and this has been confirmed by many research over a long time. Tobacco smoke comprises twice as many chemical compounds as marijuana smoke, which signifies that it’s probably twice as dangerous. This successfully signifies that there nonetheless are probably harmful chemical compounds in marijuana smoke which are definitely not good in your lungs. On the flip aspect, individuals don’t smoke marijuana as a lot and as usually as they do common cigarettes. If you’re a average person, let’s say you’d have one or two joints occasionally, your probabilities of getting most cancers from smoking weed are actually low. People who smoke common cigarettes often smoke dozens of cigarettes a day, which is far more dangerous than a single joint each occasionally. More so, for most individuals, even a single hit can be sufficient to achieve excessive, which reduces a marijuana smoke inhalation to a naked minimal. Here, we will conclude that even when marijuana smoke can produce most cancers, you probabilities of getting it are extraordinarily low in comparison with common tobacco people who smoke.


Wrap Up


So, right here you’ve got 5 most typical myths about weed and its potential hazards like overdosing, getting addicted, and even creating lung most cancers. Some of these myths might be simply debunked, the others require extra research. One factor we will say for certain is that you just can not overdose on marijuana and die as a result of of it. Also, with virtually full certainty, we will say that marijuana is much less addictive than most substances which are thought of much less dangerous and that it’s definitely much less harmful than tobacco and alcohol. And additionally we should not neglect that hashish has many advantages from a medical level of view. Yet, you do want to remember the potential hazards of abusing this substance and simply be aware of your consumption charges.


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