Can medical marijuana deal with epilepsy? This is a vital query that must be completely explored by any affected person or carer of an individual with epilepsy. Epilepsy is a severe medical situation that may be harmful if not correctly handled. Treatment of epilepsy is complicated, however there are some indicators that medical marijuana could provide advantages to some epileptic sufferers.

It’s necessary for these with epilepsy to keep in mind that correct remedy and symptom administration are paramount. No remedy ought to ever be tried with out detailed session with a medical skilled who has experience in epilepsy.

Is epilepsy a qualifying situation for a medical marijuana card? Is medical marijuana protected for epileptic sufferers? Can MMJ profit individuals with epilepsy? These are all complicated questions with nuanced solutions. In this text, we are going to element some necessary issues it is advisable to perceive about medical marijuana and epilepsy.


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What Is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is the fourth commonest neurological dysfunction within the U.S. It is a power situation that impacts the nervous system and may have an effect on individuals of all ages. The situation is characterised by recurrent, typically unprovoked, and unpredictable seizures that may range in depth and period and are attributable to disturbances within the electrical exercise of the mind.

The History Of Epilepsy

The phrase ‘epilepsy’ comes from the Greek phrase “epilepsia”, which suggests “to seize”. The first point out of epilepsy from antiquity is in a Babylonian textbook from a minimum of 2000 BC. This historical textual content data a number of sorts of epileptic seizures and means that the reason for seizures is evil spirits.

The historical Greek doctor Hippocrates (460–370 BC) was one of many first individuals to appreciate that epilepsy was a mind dysfunction, however his correct view of the situation was not usually accepted till the 19th century. Throughout the intervening 2000 years, individuals with epilepsy had been usually considered with worry and superstition.

In the 19th century, neurology turned a severe medical self-discipline, and as epilepsy started to be higher understood as a mind situation, medication started for use to deal with it efficiently.

The Symptoms Of Epilepsy

The major symptom of epilepsy is seizures. Epileptic sufferers can expertise a lot of several types of seizures, categorised as focal onset, generalized onset, or unknown onset seizures. These differing kinds originate in numerous elements of the mind, have totally different signs and results on the physique, and require several types of remedy.

While seizures can have an effect on any a part of the physique, they all the time originate within the mind. The reason behind epilepsy is usually a mind harm, genetic elements, household historical past, metabolic causes, mind construction, or, typically, causes unknown.


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Usual Epilepsy Treatment Plans

There are a number of sorts of medication accessible to deal with epilepsy. For most individuals, considered one of these medicines might be efficient at stopping seizures. It is essential that an epileptic affected person will get the proper medication for his or her model of the situation.

For round 60% of sufferers, the primary one or two medicines they struggle will work. For another sufferers, a 3rd or fourth medication, or a mix of medicines, could do the trick. But for roughly 36% of sufferers, not one of the medicines they struggle will work to totally forestall seizures.

For individuals who don’t reply to early medicines, a means of trial and error is required, below shut supervision from their physician, neurologist, or epilepsy specialist. For these individuals, a mixture of medicines or different remedies will typically be the very best course of remedy.

Is Epilepsy A Qualifying Condition For A Medical Marijuana Card?

The qualifying circumstances for a medical marijuana card range state by state. But in most authorized MMJ states, seizures introduced on by epilepsy are a qualifying situation for an MMJ card.

Can Medical Marijuana Be Effective At Treating Epilepsy?

Is medical marijuana efficient for epilepsy? While it’s authorized to prescribe MMJ for epilepsy in most legal-MMJ states, the jury continues to be out on the extent to which medical marijuana may help epilepsy sufferers. Epilepsy is complicated, and every particular person’s model of the situation is considerably distinctive. Some remedies can do some sufferers extra hurt than good.

Medical marijuana could assist some epilepsy sufferers. MMJ ought to be tried as a remedy below strict supervision and path from a affected person’s physician. Epidiolex is a CBD-derived drug that’s FDA-approved and might be an efficient remedy for epilepsy. CBD and MMJ can have vital interactions with different medication used to deal with epilepsy, so warning is crucial.

Some sufferers have been capable of ween off different epilepsy medicines as a result of Epidiolex or MMJ has confirmed so profitable a remedy for them. But this doesn’t occur for everyone.

Treatment of epilepsy is complicated and totally different individuals reply in a different way to varied remedies, so whereas MMJ might be efficient, it’s important that it’s tried tentatively and below the strict supervision of a physician, neurologist, or epilepsy specialist.

How To Apply For A Medical Marijuana Card

The finest solution to apply for a medical marijuana card is to have an internet session with a neighborhood MMJ doctor by way of MMJRecs. This method you may speak with knowledgeable from the consolation of your individual dwelling and get an MMJ card advice shortly and simply.

The Benefits Of An MMJ Card Over Recreational Marijuana Access

Many U.S. states now permit leisure marijuana use. In these states, it’s nonetheless useful to have a medical marijuana card, as a result of it allows you to select from the widest vary of MMJ merchandise attainable and in lots of circumstances to buy, possess, and domesticate bigger quantities of hashish than could be allowed for leisure use.

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