In the world of weed, strains come and strains go, however the strains that develop legacies discover methods to maintain giving again to weed tradition through the years — OG Kush is a kind of strains.

Original Kush, greatest often known as OG Kush, is the don dada of hashish. It’s the #1 hottest pressure on Weedmaps, the reigning Strain Madness champion, and the true spine of West Coast hashish tradition at the moment.

OG Kush is probably the primary pressure to succeed in each mass reputation within the mainstream and legendary standing inside hashish tradition. Which is why OG Kush has been used to breed different strains that furthered the tradition and business.

We’ve rounded up seven of the strains each savvy hashish shopper who likes OG Kush ought to find out about.

History of OG Kush

As with most historic hashish strains, the precise historical past and genetics of OG Kush are arduous to verify. Is it a Chemdog cross? Did it come from some random bagseed way back? Did somebody hike up the Hindu Mountains and pull it instantly out of the bottom? No one is aware of the What of OG Kush, all we all know is the Who and Where.

Matt “Bubba” Berger and Josh D introduced OG Kush to fruition. At some level within the 1990s, Bubba introduced the pressure to Florida from Amsterdam, and after working it for a while, he flew out to California with the seeds and gave OG Kush to supreme grower Josh D to maximise the plant’s potential. Josh D labored his magic and the remainder is historical past.

Since OG’s beginning in 1992, the pressure has gained worldwide notoriety and has been instrumental in creating a few of your favourite weed strains of at the moment. 

7 strains from OG Kush

Tahoe OG

Tahoe OG will get you excessive as hell. Straight up. It’s high reported results are relaxed, euphoric, and hungry, which is cannacode for “my god, you are about to be absolutely stoned.”

Tahoe OG is probably the most notable OG Kush phenotype, that means it got here instantly from the seeds of the mother or father pressure; it isn’t a hybrid of OG Kush and one thing else. Think of phenotypes by way of kittens. A litter may have 5 kits from the identical dad and mom, however for some purpose all of them look and act otherwise. The similar applies to weed.

Tahoe OG nugs are flooded with orange hairs, white trichomes, and seem a bit darker and denser than the Original. Still, that traditional earthy citrus scent of Kush stays intact. 

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush might be probably the most well-known Kush pressure not-named OG Kush. We can thank breeder Matt Berger, rappers, and popular culture for that one. 

The results of unintended pollination of a Kush pressure by an alleged Northern Lights, Bubba Kush is an indica-dominant powerhouse. Its high reported results are euphoric, relaxed, and glad, so anticipate to be chillin’ on the sofa with a full Netflix queue.

Though an OG descendant, the indica genetics in Bubba’s lineage offers a completely totally different feel and appear. Instead of the citrusy and earthy Kush flavors, Bubba nugs give off a candy, nearly grape-like aroma that transfers right into a candy earthy taste that many describe as a cannabis style.


San Fernando Valley Kush OG, or SFV OG, is one other well-known phenotype of the legendary OG Kush. It shouldn’t be confused with SFV OG Kush, a cross of a Kush and an Afghani landrace.

SFV OG offers off a robust lemony and piney aroma that you could hear from a mile away. Ya know, trigger it is loud. Another potent Kush phenotype, the highest reported results are relaxed, euphoric, and giggly. 

Like Tahoe OG, SFV can hit you with that “Wow, I am outta there” kind of excessive that’s greatest suited to skilled shoppers. If you are new to weed, however need to give it a whirl, perhaps ease into it with a vape pen as vape results are typically lighter and shorter-lived than flower or dabs.

Fire OG

Fire OG crosses OG Kush with an SFV OG Kush selection. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid whose high reported results are: hungry, relaxed, and sleepy. 

Fire OG buds kick off a posh mixture of chemmy, piney, and lemony scents and seem flooded with crimson and orange hairs, therefore the identify.

Fire OG is without doubt one of the lesser-known Kush hybrids, however you are most likely accustomed to what got here from it: White Fire OG, also referred to as WiFi OG. 


Headband is an OG Kush x Sour Diesel hybrid with a repute for offering heavy cerebral results that wrap across the head like a — you guessed it — Headband. Its high reported results are: euphoric, centered, and relaxed.

Headband appears to be like like the opposite OG strains with its inexperienced and orange-colored buds; nonetheless, the scent is extra distinguished because it offers off a cool cheese scent and just a little little bit of a diesel undertone, exhibiting off these Chemdog and Skunk genetics from Sour Diesel.

True OG

True OG is as OG as they arrive once we’re speaking Kush hybrids. It was bred by backcrossing OG vegetation time and again till the outcome was the proper indica-dominant OG Kush hybrid. Its most reported results are: euphoric, centered, and relaxed.

True OG has a extra skunky and piney kind aroma than the earthy OGs earlier than it. It’s a superb pressure to dab. The hash actually brings out these tremendous loud skunky and piney flavors adopted by an excellent stoney excessive.


Out of any pressure that has come from OG Kush, or been influenced by its genetics, GSC has had the largest influence on trendy hashish tradition. 

Originally often known as Girl Scout Cookies, this cross of OG Kush with Durban Poison produces bulbous nugs which can be completely blanketed by white trichomes. We may get into results, however the Girl Scout legacy goes well past consumption. 

This pressure is an absolute staple in California, and now you see Cookies hybrids in dispensaries all all over the world. Its influence on the hashish world is simple, so is the truth that it would not exist with out the Original Kush.

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