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It isn’t any secret that hashish is a rising trade, however together with it comes tons and tons of waste.

What You Need To Know

    • More than 150 million tons of hashish waste created annually nationwide
    • GAIACA is one of the nation’s first hashish waste disposal corporations
    • The firm has composted and recycled greater than 5 million kilos of hashish waste
  • Launched hashish mouth sprays which can be 100 p.c recyclable

“It’s not just the cookie in itself that’s being disposed of. It’s the wrapper in which that cookie is packaged. It is the secondary packaging in which that initial package is packaged,” mentioned Jonathan Lee, co-founder of GAIACA Waste Revitalization.

GAIACA Waste Revitalization claims to be the nation’s first licensed hashish waste disposal firm that composts plant stems, leaves, and re-purposes product packaging supplies. Lee believes that with all these supplies mixed, the hashish trade can generate roughly 150 million tons of hashish waste annually, nationwide. Despite that quantity, most corporations within the hashish trade aren’t recycling their waste, in line with Lee.

“Sustainability is the motive and objective for a majority of cannabis operators. It’s something that they strive toward. But a lot of these cannabis operators don’t even know that there are recycling options for their cannabis waste,” Lee mentioned.

So far, Lee’s firm has recycled greater than 5 million kilos of hashish waste at their compost facility in San Jose. Most of the recycling is coming from plant waste. But one Los Angeles firm, CLICK, not too long ago launched a line of hashish mouth sprays which can be 100 p.c recyclable and may very well be repurposed into supplies for pillows, {hardware} and different merchandise down the road, with none traces of THC.

“Anywhere where we can find a way to help out the environment, it’s something that’s core to our values. So, we know that it may not be the most economical or the most profitable way right now, but, as the industry moves and changes we want to be the leader that really shapes that movement forward,” mentioned Jared Gray, Director of Marketing for CLICK.

Lee mentioned his firm is conscious of solely two corporations within the trade, together with CLICK, which have created recyclable packaging for his or her merchandise.


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